Ma Yun Cai Chongxin and the interpretation of the strategy of double eleven after the Ali of the

no doubt, Ali this year, double 11 is a record year. The total amount of 57 billion 100 million yuan of orders, parcels, covering 194 countries and regions, the creation of the instantaneous order of 70 thousand pen per second, are once again look at the strength of the Empire ali. "Double 11", how the next step strategy towards Ali? Ma Yun, Cai Chongxin, Zhang Yong, the three leaders and executives interviewed Ali, in the "double 11" period, from different angles to make the interpretation. I dark horse to excerpts of their wonderful views as follows.

source: I dark horse

Author: Zou Wei

Ma Yun: dig out rural needs



today I think it is quite interesting (Note: the 2014 Tmall "double 11" total turnover 57 billion 100 million), because I do not have too much expectation on the digital key, I worry about the back of logistics, is the most difficult for the next few days. My clothes (not on the Internet)…… My shoes are bought on the Internet, our home almost a lot of things to buy online, I do not have the practice of shopping. Today, "double 11", I must buy in my home, buy on the phone, a variety of ways to buy.

for 35 years to prepare for a comprehensive international

answer: I saw yesterday in the command room, today (November 11th) morning covering 194 countries and regions, globalization is the first pilot this year. So far, we mainly want to prepare for 35 years after the full internationalization. Internationalization, platform and wireless. Wireless hopes to make China’s rural areas, so that farmers enjoy the town life. The goal of internationalization is that small businesses all over the world will be able to buy and sell all over the world one day. The idea of the platform is to hope that online and offline business opportunities, a variety of ecological enterprises can participate in the double eleven". By the time the "eleven" is about ten years old, the world will be amazed by the creativity of young people. Now only sixth years, after four years of preparation, the internationalization will come. This year is just a pilot. This year’s data management is very strict, and even engage in technology can not touch the data.

hopes Alipay can be listed on the A shares of


today (November 11th) morning in the CCTV said Alipay will one day in Chinese listed. Alibaba listing is not for money, cash flow is very healthy, the main reason for the listing is to make corporate governance more transparent, so that investors around the world, the user monitoring the company, to participate in the company. Due to various reasons, Alibaba can not be listed in china. I hope that the future of Alipay Chinese listed on the A shares, so that more people can share. I hope that the ants will be able to accept the supervision of the people of the whole country and the world to make them more transparent and open.

we are not satisfied with the stock price, and what good subjects can keep the stock price going up? I can’t really comment on the stock price

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