The electricity supplier biscuits large appliances is intended to coax good investors

business "biscuits" large appliances: shopping "25% gross margin" hasty price war, was intended to "good" investors "that is a micro-blog marketing strategy." August 27th, Sun Weimin, vice president of Suning Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. (micro-blog) said that the public information display, the price war initiated by Jingdong mall, did not prepare to prepare in advance.

August 14th, Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong said that the next 3 years, all of our electricity than Gome, Suning chain cheap at least more than 10%, Suning, Gome has responded, induced price war".


price war: hasty price

and Liu Qiangdong August 14th at the store directly by name, the day caused a strong reaction from and Gome, Gome long appearance (micro-blog) vice president He Yangqing, and has always been a strong executive vice president of Li Bin tit for tat.

The United States

e-commerce general manager Han Depeng said, "in fact, the Jingdong also do not price war preparations, although the change in price, service background etc. apparentlypreparing is very good, but Liu Qiang East is betting Gome and Suning accounted for 60% of their income can not take large appliances so not ready for war, the high-profile war in the procurement and logistics."

Jingdong but also do some preparation, on the part of all the power price

depth research, decided to have the price advantage of the brand and model to targeted attack.


, Suning and Gome comprehensive challenge. E18 is ready for the promotion of, and to prepare for the August sales of Gome online mall, Kuba, even with SIEMENS (micro-blog), including Haier, Samsung and other core suppliers to achieve a boycott of Jingdong scheme. Han Depeng said, we are also in the afternoon to make the decision to eat dinner."

market management center official said, "in fact, promotion or promotion to advance in accordance with E18, it can not be the opponent disrupt their rhythm."


Jingdong executives said, at least we see more consumers recognize the advantage line, this is the United States, Suning stores are most worried about, so in August 17th Gome and Suning have launched offline promotion.

electricity supplier war significance: coax good investors

reporter learned that, according to industry experts, according to the information disclosed by the electricity supplier investors, Jingdong mall cost rate of about 11%, gross margin of about 5%-6%, net profit margin of about -5%.

Jingdong launched the "mall a price war, may have ulterior motives." The industry experts said, the Jingdong throws a point: the reason why we do this scale is not profitable, because we have been doing in the past 3C electronic products, these products industry gross profit is too low, but to break the traditional retail chain.

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