E commerce website must have six modules

now the society is not only the traffic congestion, even online e-commerce sites on the Internet is also a wave after wave, then wave after wave of electronic commerce website launched the Internet arena, so after another, why they didn’t essentially solve why my website to attract customers, and of course the e-commerce operation whether the product is suitable for the reality of the consumer has a lot, but the discussion today is not a product, and discuss how to optimize the e-commerce website


next Guangzhou moon cake buy network Xiaobian Guo Yanxuan said his views on e-commerce website optimization ten.

registration simplified

now no matter what the site has registered function, what is the purpose of registration is to site traffic and popularity can better attract advertisers, but if your registration procedure is very cumbersome, believe it can backfire, so easy. According to a survey, more than 85% registered users in order to be convenient to buy the product, rather than to take the time to fill in every kind of personal information, as long as the main information will be: "name, telephone, mail, shipping address, these more than sufficient information. In fact, there are two ways to register as e-commerce website for everyone to choose:

: the first asynchronous transfer mode for user registration, why would you say that? Because the user first came in to buy tend not to think about the first is registered, will only think of selected goods purchased directly, but if the site is halfway pop-up "Hello, you have not landed", the user is how friendly, so my suggestion is that when the user first buy without registration and login you can buy. But the user in the first purchase must fill out personal information "call, name, delivery address, email, because this is to guarantee the goods can be accurately delivered to the customer, the customer know the importance, so it will fill in. And other users to submit orders at the same time the site can be transmitted through the Ajax asynchronous transmission within the registration. Maybe this time someone will have questions, how do you know that user is registered? It is actually very simple, users buy online is definitely in the Internet, there is no doubt that the site can send messages through the user to fill in the mailbox, to remind the user has been registered in this station.

second: the registration page requires only the account name and password, followed by a hidden expression registration information. Users need to save time only need to register a user name and password, simple and no trouble!

breadcrumbs navigation

website in addition to navigation what else, as well as the user experience, is the user experience, the most basic experience is that bread crumbs can appear. An e-commerce website does not know how many pages, so the user wants to know where he is, this time the crumbs on the play a great role.


like the bread above

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