E commerce website can use ADAS principle to improve the conversion rate

AIDAS was originally proposed by Lewis (Lewis), the principle is used to illustrate the different effects of advertising on consumers to funnel form to show the following five stages:


Attention (cause for concern):

can cause attention often in seconds without, so we usually by the title, with a pair of big picture to attract visitors attention, has put the Adsense or other advertising alliance owners also know that this is often the most effective, the click rate is the highest.

Interest (interest)

tells consumers to buy the product can bring you the benefits and benefits, so that consumers will be happy to buy your products.

Desire (raised to buy)

can cause consumers to buy desire is that consumers need the product; let consumers know that the product can be a good solution to his problems, to meet his desire.

Action (to promote purchasing behavior)

when consumers intend to buy goods, then you have to tell him how to buy, how to buy the process. Provide a clear and reliable Call on action (here to explain), will register, shopping process and site interaction as much as possible to simplify.

Satisfaction (get satisfaction)

although satisfaction can not directly improve the conversion rate, but the whole of your business is very important. Maintain an old user cost is 2 to the cost of obtaining a new user in 6 times, get a good reputation at the same time, can let a user to buy back your goods, and the user will recommend your goods to his friends.

below is a good example of the use of AIDAS principles: http://s.www.missionbicycle.com/


1.Attention: a large picture enough to attract the attention of visitors

2.Interest: a headline tells visitors why you need this bike, what this bike can make you achieve.

3.Desire: window display on the recent production of the design of the bike and the introduction of the advantages of stimulating visitors click consumer desire.

4.Action: when visitors want to buy, a conspicuous purchase button is very important. I am doing a game to promote the league, had deliberately will highlight an immediate registration button and do not highlight this button to do the comparison, the conversion rate of more than 10%. Remind visitors here

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