From the competition of information to play electric car home easy car quietly transposition


used car electricity supplier and car Internet banking will be the focus of the next step to compete for the electricity supplier. The future path of BITAUTO electricity supplier is a combination of marketing planning, set off, finance, drive experience, delivery in one. Car home is also trying to move in this direction.

reporter He Fang

intern reporter Wang Xin Beijing reported

January 9th, BITAUTO, Jingdong, Tencent jointly announced a cooperation agreement three party, BITAUTO Jingdong, Tencent will be in cash and assets investment in the form of a total of about $1 billion 550 million. Jingdong, Tencent shares BITAUTO, electric cars from the previous loudspeaker, began to fight hand to hand with.

January 12th, BITAUTO founder, chairman and chief executive officer Li Bin in an twenty-first Century economic report said in an interview: "BITAUTO cooperation with Jingdong focused on vehicle category car business cooperation, and cooperation with Tencent mainly related to car finance, service is the business of the future, in cooperation with the two will accelerate the transformation from information BITAUTO to deal with the service."

Jingdong involved the resources include: Jingdong as BITAUTO exclusive open mobile terminal applications, including all electronic business platform for new and used car channel, car electricity supplier (including new and second-hand cars) all delivered to BITAUTO to operation; easy access to all Jingdong operating rights and benefits of the automobile electricity supplier, such as car manufacturers to open the platform in Jingdong BITAUTO, all proceeds to all.

cooperation with Tencent, the car will not involve the Tencent car business, because there is no Tencent car business platform, without providing a centralized entrance for the car, and the car will help Tencent social platform for user behavior analysis, enhance the precision of set off, and to strengthen cooperation with the Tencent in the financial aspects of the internet.

in BITAUTO "hezonglianheng" a day after the car home in the car dealer field is relatively weak, specially held the first "China Dealer Marketing Summit", issued a "2014 China car dealer Internet Marketing Trends white paper" (hereinafter referred to as the "white paper"), the results show that in 2014 the country’s 53% authorized dealers and electric cars have cooperation, including one or two market dealers in favor of more and including vertical class electricity supplier car home and car as the representative of the cooperation.

January 8th, with the white paper also released the car home I car business products, the move marks the home of the car will be the original set of new customers to expand into the used car and automotive aftermarket services.

car dealers in the field of plough, not only to take advantage of boosting its revenue growth, the greater significance lies in the electricity supplier to pave the way, after two times the "double eleven" baptism, car home realized between car home and distributors of information and capital flow is docking. "It’s the only way which must be passed electricity supplier.

as the two vertical business platform, car home advantage is the base of users BITAUTO advantage is.

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