Taobao accused of connivance of War fake fake rights platform more in name than in reality

just replay the Alibaba "fraud" problem of Ma, I’m afraid to C2C a single large market of Taobao for a "purge".

late on April 23rd, CCTV broadcast the "focus" shows the exposure of the Taobao network aware selling fake goods and consumer rights difficult, condone illegal businesses selling Gucci goods etc.. For the country’s largest e-commerce platform for Taobao, the important thing is not that there is a fake, but how to deal with fakes, and how to help consumers solve the problem after the sale of fake.

fake double-sided

with the open and free platform strategy, Taobao this "treasure house" gave birth to numerous large and small dream network. However, the problem of fake but has become associated with the growth of Taobao’s "Achilles heel", for many years around the fake produce fraud, piracy and infringement problems always lingering.

if you shut the Taobao, fake can be destroyed, then this evening, Taobao shut down." Ma Yun for the determination of the fight against fakes is not small, in order to change the consumer to stay in the fake impression, Taobao launched a large-scale campaign against trademark infringement. Taobao network data showed last year in the country’s largest personal online retail platform Taobao online, handled a total of 14 million infringing goods, Taobao and more than 6 thousand brands, the rights of people to delete directly from the website of the infringing goods reached 5 million 710 thousand.

in fact, for Taobao, "fake" is not terrible, after all, as the largest e-commerce platform, if not a fake is not realistic; but the question is, Taobao treats the fake behavior.

CCTV exposure shows that the content of Changsha Liu Lezhen in the purchase of consumer protection plan in bag, the Technology Supervision Bureau of Hunan province was identified as fake, then complained to Taobao, but stressed according to their regulations, must return to the seller, in order to complete the payment. However, the package has been sealed Technology Supervision Bureau of Hunan Province, Liu Lezhen could no longer be returned or returned to the seller. She also complained to the business sector, the complaint Taobao answer is that quality inspection certificate must be carried out in the presence of both buyers and sellers at the same time effective.

Taobao platform to a large extent do not really play the role of publicity." An industry source said. CCTV exposure from the content point of view, Taobao is the existence of a large number of fake and shoddy products, Taobao has made "Xianhengpeifu" responsibility, causing consumer rights difficult.

it is clear that the significance of fake Taobao brings a double-sided. On the one hand, because of the large number of fake, provide more low-cost choice for consumers, so as to attract a lot of speculative sellers and a large number of consumers know buying fake, which bring huge trading volume and traffic to Taobao and business platform. But on the other hand, the rampant fake Taobao brand also brought no small negative impact.


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