A taste of tea tea industry how to integrate e commerce industry chain

a taste of tea on the line for over half a year, when other domestic B2C website smash advertising soared rash and too much in haste, traffic and sales at the same time, a taste of tea has been quietly focused entity wholesale and distribution network. From the point of view of sales monthly increments, a taste of the tea is no less than the monthly operating fronted monthly on the hundreds of thousands of retail mall advertising. At present, B2C increasingly fierce competition in the crevice to seek survival and development, it is imperative to differentiated business model. From the operation strategy blindly tea is not difficult to see, the biggest advantage of Evtea is to use the least resources to integrate the whole tea industry chain.

currently has a certain size of the vertical class B2C sites are gradually go down in the department store mode, and then estimate the department store in a few years, the pattern of competition will be qualitative B2C website. Because the department store B2C needs sufficient funds, as well as the accumulation of resources. But Li Zhigeng optimistic about the future development of vertical B2C class website. B2C must be changed in the vertical industry to establish barriers to competition, intensive and meticulous farming, we must integrate the industry e-commerce industry chain, the formation of a complete ecosystem. To integrate the industry chain, the future may be B2C Online + line combination mode is necessary.

tea industry in China has developed nearly ten million years of history, the accumulation of cultural heritage and added value is unmatched by other industries. The tea industry’s products are too rich, across a large and small dozens of traditional industries, so there is no domestic and foreign tea companies can do all the products are complete. Tea industry consumers generally have a certain level of knowledge, the level of consumption, the pursuit of quality of life of the crowd. Buy a cup of tea, tea, in addition to buy tea, love tea, also related to learning and exchange of knowledge and love of tea, the tea party. If you want to solve the above problems by B2C, three websites blindly tea city’s worth learning.

first how to integrate the supply chain, a taste of tea (www.evtea.com) located in the store (wholesale customer base is tea shops, tea restaurant), based in Guangzhou (now the Fangcun tea market is Asia’s largest tea wholesale market), each kind of product are only selected one or two outstanding origin manufacturers (since the factories). Although there are dozens of categories of tea related products, the site has been up to ten thousand kinds of products, but the actual control of the supplier is only a few dozen. In the limited allocation of human resources, the control of the quality of goods, communication with suppliers will not be cumbersome. All suppliers in the vicinity of a city office address, inventory cost calculation and distribution process will simplify many processes. For the store wholesale customer orders a large amount, but the number of customers is not much, a taste of tea service personnel proposed customer service programs on a continuous order, wholesale customers rate has reached about 80%.

how to do online shopping experience for retail customers love to buy tea Mall (www.aimaicha.com) does not require the number of product categories, but the quality of the market strategy, the beginning of the

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