Fresh electricity supplier in case of holiday test logistics lags behind the lack of distribution ca

Spring Festival is coming, but also carrying a large bag to go home? Then Out.

fresh water from the wind, greatly facilitate the people’s lives. However, its distribution is mainly concentrated in the first tier cities. People who work in first-tier cities, trying to buy fresh from the Internet to send special purchases for the Spring Festival 234 line of the city’s home, but I’m afraid this demand can not be achieved this year, the distribution is still unable to achieve.

cold chain logistics is the biggest constraint of fresh electricity supplier. Cold chain logistics leader in SF, the range throughout the cold chain distribution also covers only 11 city. Due to the high cost, the order has not yet saturated and other reasons, the sinking of cold chain logistics is not easy.

fresh electricity supplier user groups to develop

2013 fresh electricity supplier biggest change is known to all, and gradually cultivate the user habits.

Spring Festival this year, from the Internet to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival is becoming a new way of life, with food as the core category of the 1 store data, store No. 1, 2014 sales increased by 151% over the same period last year special purchases for the Spring Festival. At the same time, has developed more than a year of fresh electricity supplier, also began to emerge, user habits gradually develop.

this is an annual growth rate of 5 times the market. SF preferred sales in 2013 400 million, fresh commodities sales growth of 536% compared with 2012. Jingdong open platform fresh channel settled more than 300 businesses, sales last year, an increase of more than 5 times. A cold chain logistics company, said the person in charge, in 2013, the distribution of fresh electricity supplier orders, is 5 times in 2012.

fresh user acceptance from the sell crazy "Chu orange" can be understood. In November this year, originally living network with "smoke past the king" the legendary entrepreneur Zhu Shijian signed network sales agreement, sales of 100 tons of "Chu orange". With this inspirational orange label orange quickly detonated a fresh electricity supplier, has been sold out of stock.

fresh "farm fresh" founder Wang Wenfeng concluded, during the Chinese new year to buy fresh special purchases for the Spring Festival there are two types of people: the first is in the north of Guangzhou white-collar work, to my parents, father-in-law, relatives and friends to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival, sent home directly, convenient and labor-saving. The second is to buy different commodities, including local specialties, imports of fresh pork ribs, such as France, Uruguay, Ecuador white shrimp, beef ribs.

, however, fresh electricity supplier is currently mainly concentrated in the first tier cities and a small number of second tier cities, subject to cold chain logistics, most areas can not be covered.

"usually I often buy Tootoo vegetables, fruits, day orders, delivery at night. This time I want to buy mutton directly to the home, but not to transport outside Beijing. If you buy a new year in Beijing." Echo, who works in Beijing, said.

user Xiaoqian said: "now is not to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival from Beijing to buy the home, are sent home. I really want to buy some fresh food from my life and send it to my home

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