Why do we need an independent B2C shop

today on a web site, see an expert blog "blog comments: talk about independent shop and shop platform". The blogger put forward his own point of view: for small and medium buyers (except Jingdong Dangdang), there is no need to establish their own independent shop. For example: "the author and also contacted an old seller, he early on eBay, Taobao shop, now have their own independent shop, worship the independent shop, a shop model, said the poisoning too deep): why the store is not good, the main reason is the sound by users is not their own, earn money to the platform operators. I asked, the construction of independent shop, the user how to? Don’t need to spend money in the promotion of Baidu Google or other CPS? The man replied: my shop now are old customers, no promotion, the author further asked the old customers where it is easy to answer: before. Taobao accumulation of old customers. I have no language."

is this blogger an example of what I believe is true?. But can we use this example to illustrate that small sellers do not need B2C site?. The money is not in Taobao, millions, millions of There are plenty of people who are. This is like a small wholesale market in Yiwu, Beijing zoo clothing wholesale market, Zhongguancun Hailong building, rent a small Menlian counter, you can say they will not earn a lot of money? The conclusion is wrong. So, you can make a lot of money on Taobao, you do not need an independent B2C shop it? This is obviously a question of values, rather than whether to make money, whether the problem of survival. If it is purely from the point of view of making money, open a restaurant, selling clothes, buy low sell anything is to make money, which is whether e-commerce, whether to sell on Taobao, whether or not to sell their own independent B2C shop.

back to the theme: why small sellers need independent B2C shop system is clearly not because of customer problems. You do not good, customers can only be less and less, which is whether or not to sell in the Taobao, or independent B2C sell unrelated. My wife agreed 2 clothes in Mcglaughlin, from order to not want to deliver the goods, almost 10 days, (Mcglaughlin was no one wants the goods, like a refund? No way, can only choose other specifications, this, also delayed for a long time before, we swear to) again Mcglaughlin could not buy anything, according to internal sources, Mcglaughlin soon. So, whether it is possible to retain a special customer, whether or not to buy on the Taobao, or in the size of the B2C site to buy, have nothing to do. Mainly their own products and services.

then there is a problem, is the problem of promotion, the platform flow is the province do SEO optimization and promotion problem, but the premise is their monthly or even daily to Everfount Taobao money, free Taobao has already become a legend, do not pay, want to be searched out, no way. Whether you are yellow or blue, as long as it does not pay, will not be the search to the forefront, and whether the seller or a bad reputation is not bad, as long as you can, to the front row, and Taobao.

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