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[Abstract] Liu Qiangdong pointed out that Ali will not follow a lot of media investment, Jingdong only focus on three things: electricity providers, electricity providers and related financial services and cloud.

Tencent Francisco December 10th, China electricity supplier brand Jingdong founder and CEO Liu Qiangdong (micro-blog) recently accepted the foreign media interview, on the current market environment and the company Chinese operations are introduced.

at the moment, China’s Internet industry is particularly intense competition, Jingdong in this area from the electricity supplier giant Alibaba repression. Although China’s other big Internet giant Tencent to form a strategic partnership, but Jingdong is not easy to compete with Alibaba.

in addition, Alibaba has gained huge profits, and Jingdong has never been profitable. However, so far this year, Jingdong’s share price has risen by 40%, while Alibaba’s share price fell by about $18%.

recently, China’s economic growth slowed, causing the industry’s attention, but this trend did not have a greater negative impact on the electricity supplier. Liu Qiangdong believes that Jingdong is to provide services for consumer demand, everyone has to carry out daily life, which has nothing to do with the economic situation.

, however, Liu Qiangdong also pointed out that home appliances are affected by the economic impact of one of the largest product categories, the other has little effect. Japan and South Korea have been slow for decades, but their consumption chart shows that demand remains strong. He believes that China’s consumer market will continue to grow.

November 16th, Jingdong group released 2015 fiscal year third quarter results. The third quarter of 2015, total Jingdong transactions reached $115 billion, an increase of 71%, net income reached $44 billion 100 million, an increase of 52%. Some analysts said that this quarter is mainly due to the strong performance of cooperation with Tencent, WeChat has brought a lot of traffic.

this, Liu Qiangdong does not deny. About 1/3 of new customers are from WeChat, he said. Currently, Jingdong in Shenzhen, more than 1000 employees are only responsible for cooperation with various departments of Tencent. He hopes to WeChat and QQ mobile application users into Jingdong users. Given the current Jingdong has 130 million users, while WeChat’s monthly active users more than 600 million, Liu Qiangdong believes that cooperation has a huge space for development.

Jingdong distribution costs for the problem, Liu Qiangdong said that in the past three years, the company has increased the minimum annual consumption threshold free shipping. Free shipping next year, the minimum consumption will be 99 yuan. In addition, Jingdong also plans in 2017 for all shipping charges. Liu Qiangdong said that the company did not raise the threshold for free shipping and the loss of consumers, the current daily purchase of less than 79 yuan and the need to pay the freight costs of about 100 thousand people.

When it comes to

to achieve profitability, Liu Qiangdong said Jingdong mall has been profitable for some time. However, because Jingdong wants to create long-term value for shareholders

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