Tmall seized 23 single brush businesses decoration automobile digital and other related categories

original title: Tmall seized 23 single brush merchant

Beijing News (reporter Liu Xia) Tmall new duct Britain after he took office, will set fire to the first "brush" ills. Yesterday, the Alibaba announced the first batch of 23 businesses, Tmall has been verified in "logistics brush", has been sealed off.

yesterday, the Alibaba group said, the first batch of 23 Tmall businesses are verified in "logistics brush", according to the relevant rules of the Tmall platform, these businesses have been sealed off. It is reported that fry business letter covers Tmall decoration, automobile, digital home appliances and many other categories.

called the letter is to use a variety of ways and means of alleged false transactions, speculation and other acts of credit. One brush is one of the means.

previously, Alibaba holdings of rookie network announced that the 13 express delivery line punishment. May 4th officially closed the National Express online single function for 1 months. Then, Yuantong express company issued notice on the internal requirements, prohibit accepting Taobao, Tmall platform merchants scrambled letter express.

Alibaba has released a signal coming ahead of heavy combat brush. In April 18th, Taobao in the "2015 annual seller conference, Alibaba group retail platform business group president Zhang Jianfeng (Britain) said," May will be the introduction of very severe penalties, including merchandise and store right down, or even close the store means."

line is one of the top 27 Alibaba partner, he served as Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan,, the person in charge of the business. Meanwhile, Tmall’s former president Wang Yulei (Qiao Feng) dismissed. In charge of Tmall during the period, there have been hammer phone exaggerated sales, the outside world is considered to be their dereliction of duty and this year was dismissed.

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