Amazon into Tmall will affect the sea Amoy pattern


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last night, the Chinese Amazon flagship store in the Amazon Tmall shop. Amazon China’s direct import business part of cooperation with Tmall. According to media reports, Tmall officially settled "import direct mining", the main business will focus on food, shoes, toys and baby kitchenware field. Shopping is no eternal enemies, the two major electricity supplier platform finally turned from confrontation to cooperation.

why only import direct mining business cooperation?

friends will feel strange on the two sides, since it has been cooperation, why not all categories and confined to import direct mining business? Iron brother do not feel strange, think this is an important aspect of this cooperation, cross-border trade as a preliminary cooperation for both sides is extremely advantageous.

Ali last year, the official opening of the eleven cross-border electricity supplier business, the focus of the national region of goods can be bought in Tmall. But iron brother believes that Tmall has just started a few months of cross-border, the entire ecosystem is not perfect. Such as Tmall international goods is basically through the sea Amoy form into the territory, most of the goods to go through half a month.

and imported direct mining is a business the goods imported into the territory, the user orders that goods within the territory of the warehouse, the user does not need to submit the purchase declaration must be the identity information, has the characteristics of convenience. However, due to the cost of inventory, direct imports often focus on food, such as mother and child just need hot products.

so, Amazon will be settled in the improvement of the ecology of cross-border electricity supplier Ali, just need to take the form of goods to go to the Amazon, not just need to go to the sea Amoy goods pattern.

cooperation between the two sides which is profitable?

for the profit of this cooperation, iron brother believes that the two sides each gain the benefits of their expectations, there is no difference in size.

Tmall due to the presence of Amazon, not only enrich the commodity category, and bring a new model. As the imported direct mining mode of enterprise operating capacity of the demand is higher, can in the Tmall platform such shipments afford large-scale imports of direct mining enterprises few, so Amazon settled Tmall is a good news for Tmall.

is more important is that Tmall cross-border business has just started, the team has experience is not very rich, and the old platform for cross-border electricity supplier cooperation to be able to learn the global supply chain management mode of the Amazon, this is the most valuable wealth.

and Amazon is the most important electricity supplier access to the flow and users. Although China has been working in China for a long time, but because of cultural differences and other issues, its market share has not been much improved. The cooperation with Tmall will be able to quickly become the first batch of Tmall users Amazon brand experience users, which is undoubtedly the most needed amazon.

is more profound than Tmall after years

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