The dog abuse storm single glory Bracelet zero straight down 30 yuan surprise 11 11

in full swing double 11 Shopping Festival is about to detonate, as the glory of the high value of the smart wearable products, glory Bracelet zero nature is also an important component of the glory of the plan 11.11. Therefore, in the glory of the previous commitment to the user for the promotion of 1 billion year-end awards, the first wave of annual awards will be released during the entire year of 200 million yuan in the entire network of 11.11. As an important component of 200 million red envelopes, glory Bracelet zero in November 11th the day for the majority of users straight down 30 yuan deals, the user login HUAWEI Mall (, Jingdong ( and Tmall HUAWEI mall official flagship store ( Id=521925278554& spm=a310v.4.88.1) three business platform to buy, you can enjoy the preferential. In order to ensure smooth user purchase, glory Bracelet zero spot supply, the maximum extent to meet consumer demand, and white, khaki and black three optional wristband.


follows the Scandinavian minimalist design style, simple and elegant fashion, glory Bracelet zero atmosphere; 1.06 inch touch screen with white light OLED deep black dial design, no other crown all blend into one harmonious whole accessories, casual attire and no all-match any unexpected sense; in the material selection, the glory bracelet is made of high strength stainless steel as the main material, showing a vivid drawing effect, through multi-channel process carefully polished and texture highlights, wristbands its collocation by 3D diamond texture design is exquisite and unassuming, and there are three classic colors, to meet the individual needs of different users.


Smart Bracelet

as a high value, Yan fashion is famous, the glory Bracelet zero not only with its fashionable appearance captured the hearts of hundreds of millions of users, more become 11.11 minutes during the child cry single dog fashion accessories. Nowadays, whether it is clothing, mobile phones, watches, have launched a couple style, and glory Bracelet zero by virtue of its innate mysterious temperament has become the first choice for couples to buy Intelligent products.


classic black stable atmosphere, many men is the first choice for users, whether it is business or sports, Master, the glory Bracelet zero is the appropriate choice; and pure white style, become the favorite female users, the elegant temperament revealed optional collocation. Black and white is always the eternal classic, so the glory Bracelet zero become mandatory items many couples in the shopping car during the 11.11. My hands are ring in pairs. "

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