The gun has been ringing Tmall Jingdong in proprietary medicine who can win the track

food and drug administration order, a road twists and turns operation Tmall Medical Museum for more than 4 years or the end of the drug trade online. For a time, for Tmall later, someone industry complain, and in the third prescription drugs online retail end at the same time, another track just opened. Billion state power network noted that Tmall, the Jingdong has launched pharmaceutical import mode, open their own pharmacies".

days ago, announced the acquisition of retail business entity "5000 medicine chain" (the actual purpose for the pharmaceutical business license) less than a month’s time, Ali health self conscience pharmacy incorporated in Tmall officially launched, is the successor to the third party platform for Tmall products. Analysis of the industry, the conscience of a large pharmacy will become the main force in the future of Tmall pharmaceutical retail.

back to the starting line, Tmall Jingdong self to fill what lessons?

engaged in a pharmaceutical business years told billion state power network, Ali acquisition of health after 5000, may do the following "transformation" of the latter:

1, changed its name, the current Tmall platform, five thousand pharmacies flagship store has been renamed as the conscience of the flagship store pharmacies, but not sure whether the main business will sync renamed;

2, change the system architecture and settlement process.

due to the independence of the main business, the need to record the site under the independent commodity details page, and all of the independent cash register and settlement system docking with Tmall.

3, due to the Tmall Medical Museum online orders will be far more than 5000 orders of pharmaceutical chain line 13 stores, so it will need to expand the warehouse, and the recruitment of professional procurement and operations personnel, in accordance with the "drug quality management standards" and "Internet drug trade service approval of the temporary Provisions" requirements. System and warehouse etc. aspect of the change are needed for GSP certification, the workload is time-consuming.

once into the self mode of heavy, these trivial, complex, large investment is inevitable. However, in the same way as well as Tmall’s old friend Jingdong. It is understood that Tmall stop third party drug online trading, change to cash on delivery mode, the line on the back of this line of proprietary pharmacies, Jingdong’s proprietary pharmaceutical electricity supplier has also begun a low-key attack.

billion state power network according to relevant reports and close to the pharmacy Jingdong who introduced, sorted out several key points of Jingdong owned pharmaceutical business:

first, in November 2015, Jingdong acquired by the Anji Qingdao Tong pharmacy access to Internet drug transaction services C card.

two, in May 24th of this year, Jingdong large pharmacy due to changes in the warehouse address of the GSP certification. A person close to the Jingdong large pharmacy told billion state power network, the Jingdong large pharmacy in Qingdao built warehouse covers an area of over ten thousand square meters.



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