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to the development of the Internet, e-commerce has become a traditional brand new profit growth point, however, the traditional brand business strategy can not completely copy the traditional channels, but should be based on the development characteristics of the Internet and network of consumer demand, re positioning of the brand. At the same time, for some of the new pure electricity supplier brand, if you can do a good job of brand positioning, fully able to quickly seize the consumer’s mental model, which quickly became the first category.

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Chinese business location, Changsha China electricity providers consulting agency chief expert Liu Tao revealed that: the core electricity supplier brand positioning is to find or build the core difference your point, and then based on this difference on the minds of consumers to establish a conceptual model of brand image, a difference.

first of all, we need to understand the idea of brand positioning is not creative, artistic or imaginative, but a real business, and other marketing activities, is a kind of real ability, but not a dream. So, as an electronic commerce decision-makers or executives, pragmatic innovation is the positive solution, that is to say, so we do not have to be the location of elegance, our dreams can be in heaven, but we must point to the ground. As for the electricity supplier is very important, the first brand Changsha business consulting team China e-commerce expert advisory services in log ten brands electricity supplier, the niubable marketing team either succeed or lose at the starting line, the starting line is the location for those large projects, large investment, because of localization the deviation, resulting in millions of tens of millions, or even billions in a few cases. Because we summed up the five steps of the electricity supplier brand positioning, a brief introduction is as follows:

electricity supplier brand positioning first step: according to their own situation and electricity supplier law, looking for a niche market can become the first

in the field of electricity providers, has always been the first rule, ranked second, third may also have some gains, after the brand is destined to only be short-lived third.

there is only one only one,, is only one of the three squirrels, with this trademark, cash flow strength, team level Never mind, only the relationship between consumers’ mental model. Therefore, when online shopping is largely equal to Taobao in China, pat not meant to do.

this is the only one in the world, Disney, a Apple Corp, is the same reason.

so, don’t tell your team at the beginning of the electricity supplier, we have to do a certain industry’s largest electricity supplier brands, but according to their own situation and business rules, find a can become the first segment of the market, just remember, there must be reasonable, if in an industry you don’t have to do the first of may please, you will be combined with their own situation, industry segmentation, segmentation segmentation is subdivided, until he found that you belong to a segment of the market, have a brilliant future.

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