From the Ming war to fight out of business services to pull businesses become the focus of competiti

This year’s

business platform competition can be said to be unusually hot, a shocking price shopping for many consumers hooked, but in addiction, but found that many price bloody business platform is actually a kind of abusive behavior brandished a knife from the palace style, not only will not get a good reputation, and even competitors and object the navy to discredit, and these business platform businesses also really disappointing, false prices for many consumers shouted very hurt, this is this year’s electricity supplier Ming war we bring the impression, and this impression does not seem to bring positive energy


business from the Ming war into running

double 11 promotion war become price shopping this year, Taobao from Tmall’s plan, it seems that this year’s price war will become extinct, so this year with a bloody battle seems to be the termination of business platform price war, has become the electricity supplier by the Ming war into the running of the mark, because after the double 11 promotional war, we found from the electronic business platform of Liu Qiangdong and Zhang Jindong suddenly died, from this year’s electricity supplier promotional war, the two have been more high-profile, but now suddenly turned into a low-key, feel inferior is otherwise he’s


and there are indications that today’s business platform competition seems to become more lumpy, that war is not terrible, terrible is running out of time, but the so-called easy to hide the gun. But this is actually running a business platform in the price after a bloody battle of self healing, because of the positive energy overdraft too much, need to repair the upstream business support and good service platform has become the core of the business platform running the


Suning play financial support, Jingdong to integrated services

Suning upstream businesses to provide microfinance services, this service for tight cash flow businesses undoubtedly has a very strong attraction, and Suning through the provision of small loans can further control of its businesses, it helps to better manage the business, improve business service level, in order to achieve service the level of upgrade, and the Jingdong is not only fists attack, put forward the concept of supply chain financial services for financial services, but also puts forward the concept of supply logistics integration services, it is full of confidence, the introduction of preferential policies, obviously has no small attraction for sellers

!Integrated services

Jingdong not only at Suning, even for Ali financial services challenge, as business giant Alibaba seems to also can not be underestimated, experts from the industry believes that the financial services dispute is actually the electricity supplier ecosystem of the dispute, only to have high-quality business resources, coupled with high-quality customer resources at the same time, with a high level of service, can fundamentally enhance the competitiveness of business platform. Now the business platform is running, after reflection Ming war after the redemption of


business platform running between the placid look, but actually related to these business platform of life and death "

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