Amazon in China for ten years of reactive or fought in the ndia Market

[Abstract] Amazon’s $2 billion investment in India electricity market, India is responsible for Bezos’s right-hand man.


Re/code Chinese station on March 11th reported

in the past ten years, Amason has been trying to become the world’s most populous country China in the electricity supplier industry participants, but the result is not. Today, the situation has become very clear: for Geoff · Bezos (Jeff) under the leadership of the company, the biggest international development opportunities are not in China, but turned to India.

last week, media reports have surfaced, the content is Amazon has started a Chinese competitors’sites shelves and a series of products, it is the Alibaba group (New York stock exchange code: BABA) owned by Tmall mall. This shows that Amazon can not get enough sales through its own Chinese shopping sites.

also this also means that Amazon has surprisingly admitted one thing: in ten years trying to launch a raid from the Alibaba, the group’s and Tmall mall and other native shopping sites to steal market share, now it has turned to its biggest rival for help. Can you imagine Amazon selling goods on eBay’s US website?.

over the years, Amazon has sent several executives to China, trying to get this business. The company’s senior executives Steve · Fraser (Steve Frazier) in China had spent several years in the autumn of last year, then go home. Chinese business at present by another is not native executives responsible for the operation, he is from 2011 began working for the Amazon · Doug Nagel (Doug Gurr).

Amazon does not release specific financial information Chinese business, but according to the estimated number of research company, the company in Chinese B2C (business to consumer) electricity market share of only 1% to 3% is not worth mentioning.


and Tmall mall deal is unlikely to be directly in the Amazon Chinese precursor ", put up the shutters" because the company has 10 to 15 warehouses in China market, will not go off in a huff. But a more reasonable guess is that Amazon may reduce the size of China’s investment, and will save the funds transferred to another huge, the rapid development of the electricity supplier market, which is India. In fact, according to sources familiar with the matter, Bezos is considering this thing.

"they will be more focused on achieving success in India, rather than trying to revitalize China’s business." The source said.

the idea looks good. According to the local electricity supplier website Sn>

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