Horizontal contrast Baidu GG Ali which alliance better advertising

do you stand eventually fell to profitability, but individual stationmaster is too difficult to make money, now the price of advertising is more and more low, but relatively speaking, Baidu GG, Ali is still relatively large alliance, although the amount deducted (estimated to now did not buckle of the alliance), but still get the money. Relatively speaking, don’t worry about the question of payment, but the League after the trial, the feeling is too difficult to earn money, only to show the amount of revenue per thousand in the 0.3-0.5 yuan, too low.

personal feeling:


in the absolute advantage in the domestic search advertisers, rich in resources, and customers are business customers (the types of customers is very important, personal Adsense advertising is very stingy, almost to the price is the lowest), which ensures that the Baidu click not very low, but the actual use of me advertising to show the amount of per thousand is only 0.5 yuan.

GG, the advertising is relatively good, but the price is not satisfactory (there are a lot of optimization of GG advertising posts, is said to be able to reach each click on the knife, but I did not go, so estimates can make advertising prices high, but only display web content around the advertising experience, the website will be discounted there are even free), a click, click on the ads, but the price is "0", the overall down, showing the amount of per thousand at about $0.05, only 0.35 yuan, it is low ah

Ali mother the momentum of rapid development, but the advertisement price is exceptionally low, his price estimate is silly and ridiculous, only in terms of IP, are not considered for PV, size and location, and his advertising platform from Taobao, which means that you can only get the lowest price of advertising, the advertisers is welcome, but the pain of webmaster, I use to get the price per thousand times to show the amount of price of less than 0.25 yuan.

summary of Baidu, GG or everyone’s first choice, if you want to buy advertising, you may wish to choose Ali, after all, you can spend the least money, get the most amount of show.

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