Local business network customer segmentation B2B

local business network is based on Xiamen and the surrounding region of the regional portal, under the Xiamen pine information services limited. The website is mainly to provide local procurement and supply business daily practical information, is committed to a variety of urgent needs to listen, mining and meet local business, at the same time to provide customers with a complete function, simple operation, user-friendly information release system, communicate with other users through our platform to make more and better practical information, in order to achieve resource sharing.

local supply – business services

over the past two years, the local business network adhere to the needs of the user oriented, through a comprehensive web site framework to provide users with a wide range of information services. At present, the main program for the local business for supply, for purchase, looking for wholesale, processing, inventory, find second-hand business to join, looking for cooperation, for services, industry information, product exhibition, trade company, community (under construction). Site classification is complete, the formation of a comprehensive network service platform for an informative and complete function, each plate website has its own characteristics, content to meet a variety of user needs, in the industry establish a good public image of IT internet.

local network for trade relying on the powerful information development capabilities, able to quickly respond to customer needs, and provide users with simple, rigorous, business information services can be the most dependent on local online ", which has a strong vitality in the fierce competition in the network and competitiveness.

local supply – Mission:

one, the local business network for the mission: to allow local businessmen more business!

two, the local business network for the character: simple, rigorous, worthy of dependence.

three, the local business network for the long-term goal: long-term sustainable development and become one of the best local business information service companies, for each businessman to provide quality business information services.

company culture:

[user first]: local business network adhere to user needs oriented.

[share win win]: continue to learn to summarize and actively share win-win.

[honest and trustworthy]: honesty, integrity, commitment.

[cherish time]: cherish and be good at managing time.

[pursuit of excellence]: embrace challenges and changes, the pursuit of excellence, and strive to do a thing to the extreme.

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