Taobao will be strictly prohibited no code or pave the way for rookie


] Taobao news billion state power are plotting a commodity bar code data in the battle, but for the brands, are willing to hand over, depends on the commercial sensitivity.

days ago, Taobao (including Tmall) a comprehensive upgrade of merchandise management system, and open commodity bar code management function. This initiative requires businesses to edit the background, but also to submit to Taobao barcode as a supplement.

said Taobao will be officially implemented the new regulations in April, and at the end of April, some of the goods will be released as the necessary elements of commodity bar code, which means that no commodity bar code will not release the baby.


Taobao background upload goods in the future need data bar code

Taobao mandatory measures is not the first time, businesses have to do is to implement. However, businesses to turn over the bar code, but also to hand over the store or the brand of all goods big data.

A Taobao

seller told billion state power network, Taobao had the management of commodity businesses is to code for the standard, the three main information simple style + Color + size combination. These are only part of the information contained in the commodity bar code.

"brand commodity bar code contains the" commodity year + supplier code + shipping batch + commodity only code ", etc., the specifications are not the same." The seller pointed out that commodity bar code is divided into EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A and UPE-E four kinds of different category, commodity bar code is also great, from the figures, beginning with 690-695 six, there are 8 digits and 12, ranging from 13.

complex bar code settings for Taobao (Tmall) platform for the management of commodity information is difficult, but more importantly, for businesses to enter and exit the library, unified management set up obstacles. At present, the Alibaba is seeking big data of commodity supply chain management, logistics, information flow, and the final landing is already started a year long "rookie" intelligent network (ALI Skynet).

Taobao requires businesses to upload all the goods bar code, almost mastered all the retail goods barcode." Merchants said that Taobao’s future may seek technology from the third party, in order to find a solution to the unity of the bar code.

Taobao’s ambition is also to solve the problem of the traditional retailer O2O, so that the data can be circulated online and offline. Prior to this, the acquisition of a comprehensive commodity bar code and analyze the value of data hidden behind it, it is in the practice of basic skills.

at present, including Taobao, Alipay, WeChat wallet, mobile phone and other mobile client tools can already achieve two-dimensional code of the commodity bar code, even two-dimensional code payment. Similarly, if Taobao can manage online and offline commodity information, bar code is also an important traffic entrance.


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