Red child trapped suning com pure electric mode or disk access

is considered as maternal e-commerce companies are most likely to lead the market, Beijing red child Internet Technology Co. company (hereinafter referred to as the red child) had up to 300% annual growth rate for the industry shines. Now, with the owners soon the news, red child business ushered in the industry a question.

according to a certain anonymity electronic commerce industry insiders broke the news, (micro-blog) acquisition of red of a child has made new progress. "’s financial personnel have been stationed in the red child for nearly a month, the cooperation between the two sides is in the stage of accounting audit, once the accounting specific price, will be officially announced."

for the merger issue, Market Management Center Deputy Director Min Juanqing told the "daily economic news" reporter, there is no exact information, the disclosure of listed companies shall prevail.

pure electricity supplier can not get through


as long as the price is appropriate, Suning is a great possibility to take the disk." For the news of the acquisition of red children, China E-Commerce Association senior expert Zhuang Shuai such evaluation.

as a group of Chinese companies involved in the early maternal and child market, was founded in 2004, the red child had had quite brilliant performance. Public data shows that in 2008 the red child’s sales revenue approaching 1 billion yuan, in 2009 and revenue of about $1 billion 500 million in 2010. But in 2011, the red child’s performance began to decline, this year is a loss of explosion.

at the same time, corporate executives are also volatile.

it is understood that the 4 co founders of red children, Guo Tao left in 2007, Li Yang in 2008 by the investment party expelled, 2011 executive general manager Yang Tao to the "long vacation" way to leave, leaving only the founder Xu Peixin (micro-blog) before the date of bid by the media has been relegated to second tier, elected by the VC executive in charge the daily operations of the company.

The last straw breaks the

real red child, perhaps is the Jingdong store and comprehensive B2C predators.

May 2010, Jingdong mall announced involved in maternal and child business. 2011, Dangdang also involved in this field. When Jingdong mall and Dangdang by virtue of the size of the user and traffic, such as the strong presence of the brand and other resources in this area, as the vertical segments of the site, the pressure of the red child increasingly obvious. By the end of 2011, Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing (micro-blog) announced that Dangdang maternal category sales have exceeded the red child’s online business.

in fact, compared to online business. Chinese maternal and child market business line faring much better.

recently, based in Shanghai, the old brand baby baby room with nearly 100 directly operated stores announced for IPO, IPO and red children raised for many years, now seems to have no hope. In contrast, the same as the red child originated in Beijing >

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