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technology news Beijing time on October 11th morning news, Groupon on Sunday announced through the official blog will no longer publish group purchase transaction data accurately, thus preventing researchers predict the company’s income.

Groupon through the sale of group buying revenue. The company said in a blog, the actual purchase data will be reduced by 0.5% to 19.5%, the specific proportion of random decision. Groupon spokesman said: This is intended to continue to reflect the popularity of group buying, while preventing the outside world to predict our sales."

Groupon just a few days ago in the latest submitted IPO (initial public offering) documents, said the final will be able to cut marketing costs. As a result of the need to use huge marketing to get new users, so investors and analysts had been questioned the sustainability of its business model.

Groupon said that the company will then describe the use of data to buy more than one word, in order to avoid providing accurate data. Groupon said the third parties to the company’s sales estimates have been inaccurate…… We don’t like it, just as you may not want someone to guess your weight all day."

U.S. market research firm

Forrester Research analyst Su Chalita · Mulpuru (Sucharita Mulpuru) said, Groupon early should take this measure, because this will only make the competition benefit, convenient they understand what the best group purchase transactions. Companies usually do not disclose the specific sales of any product. The only thing that can benefit from it is the competition." She said.

although Yipit and other group buying site business is based on buy counter function created, but the company’s data product manager David ·, Shinseki (David Sinsky) denied that its data is wrong. "If they really don’t think all the data is accurate, there is no need to create trouble for our work." He said.

Yipit will buy Groupon site for North America’s launch of the group buying transactions to track, and then calculate the gross income of Groupon, and data disclosure time will be earlier than Groupon quarterly. The company’s data show that in September this year, North America to buy the industry scale growth of 12%, reaching $266 million 600 thousand in August, an increase of 9%.

Groupon said that the third party data did not consider private or mobile transactions. Shinseki said that the reason for the exclusion of these data, because of its total revenue in the Groupon accounted for too small, will not produce >

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