The rise of the home chef lazy economy can open up a new blue ocean catering sector

The rise of

lazy economy, so many Internet entrepreneurs and traditional industry operators also see new opportunities in the market. From the foot to Manicure, cleaning and other industries, door-to-door service become the traditional enterprises with new opportunities for the transformation of the internet. For the catering industry, door-to-door service catering enterprises have also been keen, the on-site service delivery actually had already been popular, that time is more telephone ordering. After the advent of the Internet, hungry, the United States to take away, Baidu takeaway, Amoy little takeaway platform swept the overwhelming.

for most entrepreneurs, the takeaway is still only the giant game. And another new home dining, chef cooking is quietly rising. If the takeaway is the main home of the low-end market, then cook to cook undoubtedly more high-end food market is facing the door.

at present, good cook, chef, chef, love cooking rice to O2O service mobile application has begun to take root in Beijing, Shanghai and other first-tier cities, they can create a home catering market in a new blue ocean


where is the demand?

any one industry, if you want to thrive, you must have the existence of market demand, even if it is to create demand, but also the user itself has these potential needs to be activated. From the current investors on the chef’s home heat and a few home service market effect, the market space and the prospect of the chef is still relatively large. In addition, according to the China e-commerce research center monitoring data show that in 2012 China’s catering industry O2O user size of 98 million passengers, the market size of $38 billion 660 million. It is expected that by 2015, the size of the user will reach 200 million passengers, the market size of about $120 billion.

any industry will have a personalized demand exists, many people will also have a personalized demand for dinner. While home cooking chef, is due to direct face-to-face communication, the chef will know the demand which taste and preference, but also understand the demand which Jikou, then the customized needs to want to eat meals. So, for personalized dining needs of the user, the chef came with a customized service characteristics of food and beverage is very desirable.

When the

at the same time, such as holidays, birthdays, family friends home and other important family occasions, often their own busy, this time if you can cook by full service, is a very easy thing. On the one hand, they can spend more time with his family, to accompany guests; on the other hand, their own custom Cook made out of food level relatively tastes are still good, you look good in front of friends.

in addition to the above two kinds of personalized needs, there is also a chef’s biggest demand is the high-end consumer groups of dietary needs. A lot of families with a higher income will be invited to the home, but to

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