E commerce platform for businesses to rest assured online and honest transactions

face to face transactions – the traditional enterprise, face to face inspection of commodity trading patterns in three thousand years business history Chinese, the concept has been ingrained, but with the development of social economy and the deepening Chinese of globalization, the increasingly fierce international competition, enterprises are facing profit space constantly squeezed, labor cost, material cost of production rising, so most companies recognize don’t develop new channels, reduce the cost of enterprises, only the closure of choice.

with Chinese Internet application of mature, transformation of Alibaba and other e-commerce platform prior to the market cultivation and the concepts of enterprise, the enterprise also began to understand e-commerce, online trading is an important channel for them to reduce the cost, improve the transaction speed of electronic transactions, reduce transaction costs, breaking the constraints of time, increasing the transaction varieties, to expand the market coverage area, extending the trading time and has more continuity, but also make trade fairer. However, online trading is not a face-to-face discussion of communication market, can not be identified on the business credit and goods, coupled with the impact of the traditional concept of commodity trading mode, resulting in most enterprises self built e-commerce platform to gain popularity in the online trading customers, only through the third party service platform to facilitate transactions, so how to make customers secure online transactions, is the premise of enterprise electronic commerce.

at the same time since ancient times, the ultimate goal of enterprises and businesses to carry out economic activities is to obtain maximum profits. In the development of electronic commerce with huge market prospects, more and more enterprises have entered the electronic commerce market through various ways. Although the current electronic commerce market in order to continue to improve, but still in the fierce competition in the presence of false information, dragons and fishes jumbled together, the price is not real, online fraud issues of integrity, the integrity of the virtual network world has become an important unspoken rule is one of the development of electronic commerce. The vast number of consumers, buyers are eager to have a fair and equitable e-commerce service platform, can get a reasonable price, buy assured products – which requires what they usually say good faith transactions.

in the end, only the establishment of honest service system perfect, online business archives, product information will be more authentic, the majority of enterprises will be assured to make full use of the electronic commerce network the convenient tool to increase online exchange rate, and promote the healthy development of e-commerce market. Here I’ll give you an example, the author thinks, Huaqiang electronic network to promote businesses and customers through online trading business under a lot of effort.

Huaqiang electronic network as the electronics industry of electronic commerce from the representative, has been to the third party platform in the form of organic combination of electronic industry chain and e-commerce network, is committed to the global electronic components manufacturers and suppliers to provide 360 degree full e-commerce service. According to the electronic industry in the e-commerce market price of the product is not clear, the quality can not be guaranteed, Huaqiang electronic network to help customers in big business mission, pay attention to.

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