How to share personal Adsense into e commerce

e-commerce concept of a wide range, at the moment I want to talk to you about the network trade is something. Since it is a network of trade, the scope of this transaction is also very broad: can be a specific or virtual products, can also be a service. In short, we can provide a kind of thing through the network to meet the needs of customers, and then trade with each other. E-commerce is like a raging fire, we these personal webmaster how to participate in? I will share my thoughts down, only an occasional glance at leisure, a lot of deficiencies, please enlighten.

now most webmaster do in advertising alliance, such as Taobao, Baidu, Google and other achievements, there is the alliance; their products, do the bidding; some operating their own network platform, then online or offline service. Webmasters have also changed a lot of wisdom, not to make money through the network hopes only on Baidu and Google body, of course, which exclude some experts earn a lot of money by Google money.

first of all, by doing the chance to profit alliance products rarely, or risk relatively webmaster can not control, such as the recent "guest" incident, personal advice over time webmaster union is not the final aim. Second, by making their own products, do the bidding to make money, which operability is difficult, the need for capital investment and practical experience, or rushed into the loss will be very miserable. I appreciate the fact that by operating their own network platform to create a network of brands, through the sale of services or products to obtain revenue.

to do the union, and then generate revenue, but I always feel that there is no sense of a kind of practical operation, the total feeling of the webmaster should have an open mind, there is a kind of career inside. Sometimes money is just a process but not the end, of course this idea may have been some people cast aside, but for a dream to adhere to is a great act.

A few days ago I

a brief description of the local nature of the site development view, individuals feel that the webmaster friends can run through the local nature of the site, product packaging and positioning with business requirements under the line. If the operator becomes a network of media that income is still very objective, on how to create a local portal to become a network of media brands, I hope to have the opportunity to share with you next time.

e-commerce is now so hot, we have no available resources? For example, some enterprises to participate in e-commerce, but the company is not professional personnel to operate, that we are not able to take the initiative to enterprise cooperation? An outsourcing service. You should have heard of Amoy this term, in fact we can learn from the sense of this pattern of Amoy do a career.

thought a bit confusing, their knowledge and practice are limited, only to share with you these. I just said some ideas, we hope to have some help, also welcome spectators a lot of advice. I think I have the courage to learn something about myself

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