Seize the door community O2O pulls out four new tricks

there will be a wave of electricity providers down the rise of a wave of electricity providers, in the process of the industry continues to shuffle, the electricity supplier community emerge, focus on the advantages of the integration of online and offline, this new business model is changing the traditional online shopping habits, become a new wave.

billion state power network summed up the four main types of gameplay from the dazzling community in the O2O market, and on behalf of products to do a rough interpretation.

information service class: play social or service?

representative products: live here App, the color of the cloud App, App, Ding Dong District community worry App

these four App are integrated community property, life information services, but each has different. Some do information integration, and some do neighborhood social, some do life distribution.


here is behind the real estate developer Vanke, aimed at the user is also very accurate, locked in the residential property owners Vanke (registration is very strict, the user must provide housing owners for mobile phone number), the main functions include social, property services, business reviews. Owners can share pictures, text, view the property bill, you can also comment on the surrounding businesses.

Behind the

cloud color is the color of life property service providers, compared to live here, the color of the cloud business atmosphere more strong, and the group purchase supermarket, travel, ticketing, gifts of flowers, but Goods are available in all varieties. interface and experience, products are not perfect, the number of merchants are very limited.

Ding Dong District from imitation American social networking site Nextdoor started, the main social neighborhood, neighbors can exchange unused items, carpool, approximately BBS; of course, will not miss the Ding Dong District District bulletin, pass number, the secondary market, domestic pets, the information service of life. However, that get billion yuan of angel investment Ding Dong District didn’t seem to go too far, at the beginning of October this year, Ding Dong District broke the capital chain rupture, Beijing office shut down, Shanghai team layoffs of more than 70%.

while at the same time, the main district surrounding the life distribution of the community worry App has announced the completion of the A round of $20 million financing. Cell worry to businesses within 3 km in diameter, takeaway distribution, car rental, small shop and other services, is known as "mobile application at present China businesses most rich, the largest category, the most accurate information and service information of residential district."

convenience stores: sellers or receipt of


on behalf of the product: receiving treasure, hey off

two are trying to integrate community convenience store resources to expand the possibility of convenience stores, such as online shopping, such as collecting goods.


receiving treasure is pure entrepreneurial enterprises, the main convenience store collection of goods, has a small achievement, become collection of goods "rookie Inn > system

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