Dunhuang network Wang Shutong do not buy as a universal hammer

this is my published in the IT manager of the world, the latest issue of the article, there are a lot of friends recently talked about the things to buy, so I wrote an article, I hope you exhibitions.


social psychologist Maslow once said that if your only tool is a hammer, you tend to see everything as a nail

group purchase industry is a strange phenomenon in the field of global e-commerce in recent years, it’s hot beyond our common sense. Pioneer, group purchase industry still maintain a leadership role in plan Groupon has recently been publicly listed, Bloomberg estimated Groupon recently listed, for a $25 billion valuation. A company was founded more than two years, can be so hot, is undoubtedly an Internet miracle.


is also a group purchase questioned in the industry, Groupon is a people with the company: group purchase model is sustainable? Will Groupon this industry is a flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum? For science and technology media have blown the puffiness as if it were raining flowers industry? These are the questions I often hear. This is not only in the field of expert group purchase, learning and analysis of recent to provide a thinking angle.

group purchase, or daily special (Daily Deal), which is an ancient way of marketing, consumers want to get a bargain mentality is everlasting. Based on this strong demand for consumer psychology, Groupon has created a new model of online shopping, every city, every day, to provide a low price of the heart of the ex gratia. One side is the small and medium businesses on the side, one side is to get preferential information by e-mail consumers.

daily special, group purchase, email marketing, this is how old things ah. Groupon actually through the mode of innovation, with the help of the popularity of social media spring, the old way of playing a new business force. So, we can say that the Internet is not all innovation technological innovation, innovative service model to the old business with new machines, as did some Internet companies can make a great business model established in the yellow pages, or the establishment of a kind of mode in the classifieds.

then the group purchase website whether will soon become the opinion is often seen as trassient as a fleeting cloud? Is that consumers are now faced with the daily mail notification from hundreds of group purchase website, they will not be because of fatigue soon lose interest in


I think, online buy in essence, first of all is a new type of network marketing services. For small businesses with limited marketing costs, they do not need to invest in advertising in newspapers, television and radio, as long as some of the goods to participate in online buying, you can get a high exposure rate. Group purchase and satisfy the consumers in the social network to make friends with congenial persons demand for special offer goods.