A number of Alibaba repaying small appliances consumers can purchase records of rights

with the net Ali, many home appliance brands also suffer, and the Alibaba will battle to the small household appliance market, before the Alibaba said, Royalstar, triangle hemisphere contains eight variety of merchandise brand category of the whole network is punishable by repaying the punishment, related goods to meet the rights of treatment, while the remaining related goods for more stringent regulation.


the repaying small appliances brand and model

as long as you buy in May 12th after the above models of small household electrical appliances, consumers can apply for online rights, customer service assistance to deal with.

for this action, Ali said the plan will be in accordance with the rules of the platform in the future, to carry out monthly sampling, quarterly clean-up. At present, the Alibaba has the relevant information of the delisting of synchronization to the quality supervision department, waiting to cooperate in the next step. Alibaba commodity management center official said, I hope the electricity supplier platform can attach importance to the quality of goods, together with efforts to bring consumers the most safe and secure shopping experience.