Taobao universal unusual twelve

when the universal Taobao and life together, what would you think? Yes, Ma has been put forward many years ago, Taobao is the concept of life. And now it seems that the concept of the best landing point is hand Amoy, because the mobile terminal portable and LBS two features.

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"black five" just after twelve started soon, Tmall has eleven double 57 billion 100 million turnover record in fourth years ago Guinness, held in twelve is particularly looking forward to.

no matter what you say it is eleven or double inheritance double shadow or not, only eleven and twelve were relatively little significance, the vertical ratio, this year – a lot more unusual, it is very worthy of attention.

unusual one: hand Amoy into the main battlefield


mobile phone conference strategy on December 3rd, Taobao CEO Zhang Jianfeng said that the main battlefield of this year – will be transferred to the Taobao mobile phone, this is an inevitable choice to move the trend.

in June this year, investors are not optimistic about the development of a hand, Amoy he believes that because of the use of mobile phone and computer with different attributes, decide on the mobile phone, in the first row is always social, and can not be shopping.

But then

Ali earnings proved its mobile end strength, the second quarter of Ali mobile terminal turnover more than 164 billion yuan, with the increase of about 300%, the mobile platform trading volume accounted for 32.8%, the mobile terminal may live up to 188 million; the data of the rapid rise in the third quarter of the third quarter, the mobile terminal transactions amounted to 199 billion 54 million yuan accounted for 35.8%, while the same period last year, this proportion is only 14.7% months to live, the mobile terminal reached 217 million yuan.


in the double eleven day 57 billion 100 million of the turnover in the mobile turnover reached 24 billion 300 million yuan, most of them from the hand of the Amoy client, the proportion of the mobile terminal has reached 42.6%, and last year this proportion was only 15.2%.

Taobao mobile phone in December 3rd, the strategic conference, the latest data show that Ali Taobao mobile phone has exceeded 80 million days.

this series of dry cargo data showed that the mobile users to capture, hand wash has a large enough charm.

in fact, Ali has not stopped the pace of the mobile terminal. Ali in the mobile terminal has been the lack of entrance, the lack of carrying so many services of a terminal, from the previous load on the role of Ali entrance. Unfortunately, exchanges have been unable to develop, because there has been a WeChat pearl in front of.


Ali will come together to hand Amoy resources, as Ali wireless strategy in the aircraft, copied from Taobao to Taobao originated, hand wash has been strengthening their combat effectiveness.