Tianya Com domain name was hijacked employees to change the domain name

A former employee for 6 years despite the domain name domain name changed to.Cn Tianya is forced to recover

Tianya the reason to abandon the use of 6 years of domain name, the domain name was.Com because the site before the employee "hijacked" is currently recovering in.

"hijacked" Tianya CEO is defined to this event under the name of xing. Reporters yesterday found that the input www.tianyaclub.com, there is a transitional web page, after 7 seconds automatically jump to the Tianya community website. Tianya community told users in the notice, said: this will be a new horizon, where you are still familiar with the world."

has more than and 300 for the public sector, about 200000 blogs and more than 5 million registered users in the Tianya website, domain name change is not trivial.

insider, the domain name change from Tianya, the staff responsible for the management of domain name Tianya leaving in 2002, when he did not register a domain name with the email address is returned to the company. 2005, after the end of the community financing success, the employees suddenly www.tianyaclub.com domain name to other web sites, but not the majority of Internet users are familiar with the Tianya community. The former employee then made a lot of money to the company’s material exchange conditions, including a large number of shares and cash, so that the company is difficult to accept, began to consider changing the domain name with CN. Seeing the hands of Farmar may lose weight, then the employee name www.tianyaclub.com points to a website to Tianya feel inappropriate insult class statement ", ultimately promote the horizon to give up the original domain name.

– lawyer