How to do a 7 day up to 100 thousand fans WeChat activities

in the previous article, I left a suspense, and WeChat is through some Internet friends face-to-face communication, know what they have to do some activities activities, the effect is very good, and instantly rose to tens of thousands of fans.

so, this activity is how to do it?.

The contents of the following boxes in the

are from the product manager who, when researching this type of activity, found the relevant principles of the narrative, so the. Of course, has been with the author had to communicate, but also a detailed understanding of some of the relevant circumstances.

did not know that we did not find, whether it is voting, help, cash envelopes, are carried out around a strategy, that is the invitation system has been playing more and more frequently.

In fact, in the last few years,

invitation system is very popular on the PC side, through a certain reward mechanism, allowing users to take the initiative to help you spread. However, now all moved to the mobile terminal, the core strategy has not changed.

OK, get to the point, the three elements of activities:

has the function of absorbing powder (according to their own needs to set)

self diffusion

users participate in simple, fast


talk about the activities of the game: user A registration to participate in this activity, the system will give the user to generate his data (integral, two-dimensional code, exclusive links). A through the sharing of two-dimensional code to N friends, N friends directly into the public concern after scanning the page, attention, then A can get N*10 points.

A the exclusive link sent to the circle of friends, N individuals through his links into the active page, then A can get N*2 points.

points can redeem gifts, the top ten is to get the XXX prize. [

]The basic idea of

is above.

here, I focus on why the design activities.

first, make full use of people’s greed and petty psychological. When people see only your fingers to get the Apple 6, will lose their senses, you do not have to pay, even if it is a lie, there is no loss.

second, can fully mobilize the enthusiasm of people’s communication. Because do not need to pay, as long as the share can be integral, change the products needed by the integral, with more simple. And the more sharing, the more points, so people will get Apple 6, the death of sharing and communication.

third, the process is simple, easy to operate.

fourth, the timing is relatively early, good activity.

if you are going to design this activity now, I won’t