Guo Quji talk about Lanting Pavilion set potential logistics platform temporarily not consider profi


] January 27th news billion state power network, cross-border business enterprise in Lanting Pavilion yesterday formally launched a potential open logistics platform — "Lanting Pavilion Zhitong, chairman and chief executive officer Guo Quji has made the summary to the operation and development of ideas of the platform, and pointed out that the cardinality of Lanting Pavilion will help strengthen the third party logistics platform open platform business in 2015, to attract more sellers.

learned billion state power network, Lanting Pavilion Zhitong logistics open platform provide open bidding price, global optimization and intelligent path logistics coordination of distribution and automatic single documentary, intelligent data analysis and a series of functions, and proprietary business, B2C will open the third party platform business become Lanting Pavilion cardinality three strategic position.



Guo Quji pointed out that the cardinality of Lanting Pavilion at home and abroad have their own warehouse, and mining, supply chain of the whole network of large data innovation and diversified operating characteristics, has advantages in global logistics integration. The purpose of the establishment of an open platform for logistics is through the collection of the potential of their own warehouses and Lanting Pavilion with dozens of global logistics companies, the Chinese goods to more than and 200 countries around the world."

Guo Quji said, the main cross-border logistics problems the following four aspects:

first, there is no logistics company can do well in every part of the world.

second, the logistics environment around the world is different, the situation is not the same as the customs, in the actual operation process, the need to rely on long-term accumulation of experience and actual data to do the logistics mode of judgment.

third, most of the cross-border logistics service provider is not because of the electricity supplier to grow up, they may exist in more than and 10 years ago, therefore, the system, their processes may not be for the electricity supplier and tailored.

fourth, cross-border logistics is the biggest challenge restricting the development of cross-border electricity supplier.

sold to Russia "cross-border goods by parcel delivery may take 60 to 90 days, no tracking code, it is unthinkable in Chinese, many city Chinese can achieve the next day, the same day, three times a day to send. It is no exaggeration to say that China is already the world’s leading provider of logistics services in the electricity supplier." Guo Quji said, "how do these things lead to all parts of the world, how to cross-border electricity tailor-made a logistics system solutions, I think it is a very interesting thing. So, Lanting Pavilion is trying to do this in zhitong."

but Guo Quji said to billion state power network, the core of Lanting Pavilion is still a set of potential cross-border retail electricity supplier platform company, do not buy or to build logistics warehousing integration of aircraft, but the use of the Internet to do its own gene logistics service. On the one hand to allow more cross-border logistics companies and agents to find sellers on the platform >