The most stringent food safety law net sales of unlicensed food business platform will be responsibl

most stringent food safety law October implementation of the electricity supplier of small vendors dream shattered?

[TechWeb] May 5th news, known as the history of the most stringent food safety law amendments adopted by the National People’s Congress, the revised food safety law since October 1, 2015. From then on the business platform in the sale of food companies must obtain a business license, if there is a problem of electronic business platform will also be responsible for the main business.

regardless of whether it is settled in the takeaway platform or settled electricity supplier, small traders electricity supplier dream may really be dashed. It is reported that the hungry, the U.S. group, Baidu takeaway and several online takeaway ordering platform has begun to strengthen the business license audit settled.

in the electricity business, blocked a classification is the biggest "homemade food", this kind of products are marked as organic green, like the slogan, but in fact the quality of this kind of product is the most uneven. But also on all fear. Currently Taobao can easily retrieve thousands of related results.

quoted Nandu reported that the shop owner said, for pre packaged food, the seller must fill in the food production license number, otherwise the food will not be able to shelves. However, the original undocumented homemade food, it seems can not be constrained." The boss also said, I’m afraid not to play after." (rain)