Some highlights of annual investment network network ecological model Pactrometer outbreak

the evening of November 24th, "broken network network fusion of future investment in Shenyang at first came to an end. As the annual finale conference, during the preheating period of burst point a lot: scarcity of Zhuang sits at the brand policy, marketing / coffee outlet interpretation of the new trend, ecological partner incentive plan…… In the liquor industry depth adjustment period, "ecological mode" has become the key to realize network network competition breakthrough. See from a number of initiatives and landing strategy of this investment will burst, ecological network network is accelerating the release value.


network network general manager Liu Zhen described the direct supply of wine wine straight for product structure

network network vice president Ren Jian, Liu Zhen, general manager of the direct supply of wine marketing expert Liu Chunxiong appeared in the venue. Ren Jian inventory at the end of October the ecological strategic landing initiatives, business growth, share the future network network ecological strategy and the overall deployment with many partners, throw super marketing strategy, quality brand name, its own scarce village policy, "music for Madden APP" starting line of strokes.

strategic landing speed highlights the ecological value of


issued at the beginning of "wine life ecological world" strategy, play with a series of ecological network network break through the conventional wine wine industry frequently in the circle of sword. In August this year has just completed the listing of three new board network network become music as its first two home visit the capital market’s subsidiary, once again aroused the widespread concern.

"quality consumer to upgrade the current trend is a new business opportunity!" Ren Jian said, "network network ecological model to" inter industry vertical integration under the reconstruction of the value chain "of industrial restructuring and layout, multi dimension and create new value." The reporter noted, "with the global quality of Supply Chain + own quality brand + terminal + platform Internet cross-border ecological multi-dimensional four layer architecture to accelerate the ecological integrity, recently in many areas of ground network network business.

in the upstream, and control the quality of the network network roots in the core region of global resources, and access to the Shanxi international inland port free trade strategy of 250 thousand square meters of cloud positions open authorization, global supply chain strength to take a firm step; to build its own high-quality brand effect, leveraging the IP music as ecological resources, the successful operation of the fire rose, Grote two major brands, market sales and consumer reputation in both higher; seven major ecological LETV collaborative depth, high quality of life to enter the field of human body system; ecological partnership gradually flourishing, strategic hand wine boss depth to get through online and offline ecological fusion; carrying O2O function as music hall life line ecological terminal expansion.

eco wine lineup luxury debut release ecological policy

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network network wine for general manager Liu Zhen introduction, relying on the speed of the expansion and quality of the layout of the global supply chain, network network of new spirits, liquor, Wine SKU nearly 3000, build a very competitive wine direct product structure. The formation of its own high-quality products as the core, bringing together the global scarcity