Lu Jianguo shop new regulations misreading and media lies

article "Modern Express" on the Internet recently reproduced by many media, from print media to online media, in the field of public opinion in the relay, staged a farce called.


has been widely reproduced and spread of the article, the topic is "online real name system implemented in July 1st to do big shop license and tax", that is "and the network behavior of commodity trading and related services management procedures" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") issued a few things. There is no doubt that the title of the first half of the sentence is correct, but the second half of the sentence, it is a typical groundless statement most probably it did not actually happen.


for electronic commerce administrative measures, has always been a concern, this concern began two years ago, when Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau issued a paper document, asked the shop to handle business license, and later on this issue, the media and the public on the "speculation" measures for the upcoming, before I wrote three articles Bowen, are "Beijing shop the new regulations flexibly carry out suggestions", "Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau must have the courage of self denial" and "should focus on social benefit to increase efforts to support the shop", from a different perspective of the implementation of administrative management ideas for electronic commerce. Time and again, now the "measures" opened the veil, the six Chapter 44, detailed content and perfect, from the administrative level, has a strong operability. Of course, as an electronic commerce and the new things related department rules, also is not satisfactory, it can understand the understanding of a new thing, there is a process, and improve the management measures, we need to change the main flow step by step, a little words, called. Keep pace with the times.

but the "Modern Express" on this article is referred to "clear shop natural person operating in the network must be real name authentication, and some large volume sellers even need to apply for a business license and tax", and also took the main shop, Miss Yu Mr. Wang worry do examples. I really do not know how this article is released, but a little, there is no doubt that this article is based on the fact that the shop real name system, against too much water, hearsay for gospel truth without verifying casual scrawl. I said, the evidence to support the "measures", the "no tax", no more tax, truer friends, may wish to use a magnifying glass to read an article "measures", to find a "tax"; second, the "measures" to require the seller to fall it is true, but for business license, the "measures" in the expression "with registration requirements, according to industrial and commercial registration", obviously, "with registration requirements" and "volume sellers" is not a concept, this is one concept, confuse the public. So, I have reason to believe that the two so-called Miss Yu, Mr. Wang is also the author of this article made by people, of course, the author can It is sheer fiction., argued that it is generic, unspecified.

I do not intend to clarify the State Administration for Industry and commerce,