2010 will be a lot of Taobao small sellers dead to the year

2010, will be the year of the death of countless small sellers Taobao.

after a few years after the operation of Taobao mall, Taobao has shown the polymerization of B2C. B (enterprise) classification two kinds, one is all kinds of enterprise operation of the project settled in Taobao, such as BMW, UNIQLO; one is that the original C (individual sellers) crown level sellers grew up, this has completely entered the ranks of the B. So in this case, Taobao is bound to start shuffling, shuffling the reasons for good: 2010, the year of consumers.

attention to consumers, it should be, but the current situation of Taobao is to sacrifice the interests of the seller to serve consumers. There are data that 98% of the complaints will be buyers. What a terrible number. In nearly 200 million of buyers, are they good people?. Taobao has developed a lot of gray industry, brush credit, such as the division. Among them, poor teacher give the seller a bad review, and then threatened to get money or material; many small sellers have said. The crown or larger shop, the impact of the division is minimal, but small sellers are not the same. Diandaqike, guest game store is the truth.

so, from the bias of Taobao, 2010, a small seller will die.

In addition to

, Taobao started from the 2010 crackdown; Ma vowed said: "Taobao is the first victim of the fake". Use an idiom to describe, that is "zeihanzhuozei". No fakes, no Taobao today. Ma Yun, this is obviously not in favor of Hao leaf burn the bridge after crossing it, the sale of counterfeits, but Ma Yun got absolutely false. Ma should be brave to stand up and say: fake achievements of Taobao, but it is bound to shuffle". That Ye Hao think this is like people.

so, from the Taobao shuffle look, 2010, high imitation small sellers (in fact, the largest crowd on Taobao) will be a piece of death.

so, how do you survive?!


small seller than the source of goods, but larger than the seller; than resources, but the big seller; can be compared, is the characteristics of. A distinctive Taobao shop, will be the only option for Taobao in 2010, or small sellers hard store a year, Taobao will be free to work. Features easy to say, hard to do, so how to operate? Ye Hao think: first, user name; Taobao username rules have been changed, so regularly to see their industry name can be registered, such as before the "through train" can be registered, now is not good; "glasses" is not registered now, they can. So pay more attention to their own industry, treat Taobao user name, it is necessary to treat the same as to treat the domain name; second, shop features, including the domain name of the two. Unique shops, buyers are willing to leave the root cause. Ye Hao saw a new store, can be said to be the Taobao Taobao shop name "Amoy glasses". Decoration style can be said to be unique in Taobao, and promotion and current events

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