You chop hands Tmall double record eleven domain tmall com victory

renamed China ( November 11th hearing, 74 seconds, 100 million; 1 billion; 3 minutes, 14 minutes and 2 seconds, 5 billion minutes and 28 seconds; 38, 10 billion; 7 hours 17, 20 billion. Taobao Tmall eleven continuation of the myth, and then break the record, the stock soared by 4%, overtaking APEC. Singles Day is no longer grass root holiday, but only belong to Ali and Ma’s carnival. You buy buy buy today? Tmall domain victory.

figure: Tmall double eleven turnover of breaking

30 billion

Today 0, the campaign for several months of the "double eleven" officially opened the curtain, how many consumers keep in front of the computer, waiting for the final payment settlement, the number of media on Tmall (, contemplating the headlines this morning. Opening 3 minutes, double the turnover reached $1 billion, nearly 3 minutes faster than last year, nearly $eleven. Opening 38 minutes, turnover of 10 billion, faster than last year for a full time of 5 hours and 25 minutes, which accounted for 45% of wireless. All predicted that this year’s turnover of eleven double will exceed 60 billion, and some even predicted that the amount of 70 billion.

and in all Tmall stores, millet indicators are still the first two eleven, the transaction volume has more than 550 million, no suspense to become the first. Camel, Yin man, Korea, and so on, such as the house of Taobao brand is still outstanding, such as last year, easily break billion.

and such results, naturally inseparable from the preparation of ali. Ali for "double eleven" enable two domain to open a special web page, "double eleven" registered trademark and authorized Tmall exclusive use, kill other electricity supplier a ready be taken by surprise, all advertisements and posters all shelves withdrawn. Alibaba’s god horse search is also dedicated to enable a two level domain name, the flagship of Taobao’s double burst list of eleven. In addition, for preheating the double eleven, Ali also launched the "Tmall treasure", throwing money grab red line, hit the hearts of consumers.

in this heat, Tmall momentum difficult to block, according to Alexa query, Tmall’s official website domain name average daily IP (week average) of 126 million 900 thousand, the average daily PV (Zhou Pingjun) up to 761 million 400 thousand. Too many people shopping, also let Alipay "awfully busy", led to the emergence of transient fault and query Alexa, domain name IP (Zhou Pingjun) 34 million 110 thousand, the average daily PV (Zhou Pingjun) 170 million 550 thousand.

and Tmall, Taobao and heat than Suning (, Jingdong (, Dangdang ( and other domestic large electricity providers, although before eleven, two come various sharpening, playing a variety of price war to a pair of eager for a fight, and Tmall’s momentum, but wait until the battle really open all the media, consumers, all eyes are focused on Tmall.

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