Zhuang Shuai observation full time open shop please think twice

today (September 11th) MA in rhetoric to create 100 million jobs to the world of the machine, I have seen such a report "80% white-collar open shop owners complained about the ultimate collapse more tired than speculation" the end result is called white-collar open shop is not as easy as it seems, a recent survey of 4000. In the family, in the open shop in the white-collar, only about 20% survive, the rest are for money, care and other reasons fail no mind.

see the story, I am not what shocked, maybe some of the open shop with a beautiful imagination, think through the shop easily earn a 0 investment in "happy days" prospective employers will feel shocked and unbelievable. Now the shop shop is indeed such a state, a female friend said the work was too tired, no time to rest or even a boyfriend, so I was not asked to open a shop can improve the situation of


she asked me to think that as the first contact with e-commerce will give her greater confidence, but did not want to, she can only say that in the end I can say that I would like to learn more, and then consider. So, what is the current state of open shop


first, the shop is still free, but the number of stores and 3 years ago, has turned over several times. Taobao only a conservative estimate of your competitors in about 500.

two, competition level: former competitors are just the same as you did what resources and not what money, a month on some products wholesale market or acquaintances or your company can earn two thousand or three thousand. Now you have to face decades of experience in the establishment of the company’s e-commerce department, in addition to business experience, they have money.


shop operation costs: in order to achieve profitability, Taobao is always like a consumer protection plan, and you will need to pay the icon 1000 ~ 3000 of the so-called "margin" frozen inside, you might say, can I return this money, the question is: what time? And let the shop many people see some goods as well as beautiful, no "Wang Pu" you shop most buyers to see one eye, but not many eyes! This shop a month from 35 to 50. Of course, more terrible is the "PPC", there is no any Internet based learning system and the novice, once that joined the "Taobao train" as the Post wrote in the same business volume soaring it may be mistaken, you know I am responsible departments but have special staff 8 hours a day what do not do anything special to do this, Taobao train professionals, monthly salary is 2800 yuan! And you? To manage things too much, is the purchase, take pictures, retouching, on the product, but also the decoration, customer service, research train, package delivery, customer service…… Think about it, how do you compete?

can imagine from second to third, if you really go to open a shop, you will be tired?

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