Gome online settled Tmall electricity supplier or Jingdong and hold together

United States stationed in the full range of Tmall, so that electricity supplier war further warming. With the differentiation of the electricity supplier camp permutations and combinations, Jingdong seems to be more lonely".

yesterday, Tmall announced a strategic cooperation with the United States online. It is reported that the cooperation, a total of 5 Tmall Gome online flagship store, as well as the licensing of the brand’s 4 stores, goods involving home appliances, 3C digital and other brands.

Gome online had previously had cooperation with Tmall. In 2012, the United States’s Kuba of more than 100 million yuan in sales of Tmall.

Gome online

vice president Peng Liang told the "First Financial Daily" said, Gome online official flagship store in the form of settled Tmall, like the United States line shop settled Wanda and other commercial real estate, can get more orders. Secondly, the United States online supply chain and category advantage is home appliances and 3C, and this part of the category is not the advantage of Tmall category. In addition, fully settled in Tmall, but also help the United States online access to a wider range of existing users.

Tan Biao, general manager of

Tmall Electric City, said the first half of Tmall appliance city 3C appliance sales have exceeded 35 billion, the year is expected to exceed $100 billion.

at the end of last year, Dangdang will be its own strong category books settled in Tmall. The general manager of Dangdang books division Kan min told the reporter said, in October last year, Tmall settled after the day when the sales exceeded ten million yuan, in addition, every month can get tens of thousands of new users Dangdang from Tmall.

why more and more electricity supplier giant settled in Tmall


the idea that one is the result of last year electricity supplier promotional war, Dangdang, Gome online has special advantage in a particular category of electronic business began to return to the gross margin improvement, while Tmall’s traffic cost is low, also can bring considerable order. National consumer electronics channel alliance Secretary General Wu Xianjian said that the cost of regional chain shop on Tmall is about 8%, while the cost of other platforms electricity supplier, such as Suning, etc. in more than 12%.

two is Tmall, the gene in the category of non-standard, since this year, Tmall began to focus on the layout in the category of non selective standard advantage, through the introduction of these mature electricity supplier category, to achieve the purpose of isolated Jingdong.

Senior PR Director dangdang.com Guo He told reporters that, after investigation, Dangdang and Jingdong has more than 50% users overlap, and the overlap with Tmall which is less than 30%, Dangdang will choose Tmall rather than Jingdong. The United States due to and Jingdong in the field of home appliances, 3C overlap, will not choose to cooperate with Jingdong.

at present, the major electricity supplier is entering the "6· 18" hot season. The war also put the electricity supplier siege situation of Jingdong.

addition to the United States online strategy to join the Tmall camp, easy fast network CMO Gu Sibin