The United States and the United States and the pain of the seven batch of online shopping crime sh

[the United States recently criticized online shopping seven sins, interestingly, the United States as the first batch of China electricity suppliers engaged in stores, how to badmouth the electricity supplier? As used to dominate the home appliance retail store, traditional stores is the backbone of the United States, the United States don’t want to badmouth the electricity supplier to highlight their strengths? The author of this article that trend of development of the online channel and the contraction of Gome appliance retail industry is inconsistent, although the United States in 2014 a quarterly profit, but because the United States is "the last radiance of the setting sun, the inverse trend to do channel intermediaries, while optimizing the cost structure in a business model, but lost the future. [



Gome, which once dominated the retail home appliance stores, but now hovering on the edge of decline, a slight mistake may be eliminated by the cruel market. Perhaps Gome has actually declined, but we did not detect it. As for the first quarter 2014 earnings Gome, I am afraid it is just down the process of its the last radiance of the setting sun ", not to mention that the profitability is a kind of to make profits while doing profit means.

won today, but lost the next

according to Gome’s first quarter results in 2014, the United States listed companies to achieve net profit growth of some revenue. Sales revenue reached 13 billion 350 million yuan, an increase of 8.2%; net profit of $268 million, compared with the same period last year, a substantial increase of 252.6%.

seems to Gome since the second half of last year, after the transition, the earnings release are relatively gorgeous. But when a careful study of Gome associated with the earnings of a series of actions, a little bit of business management experience, can find such earnings are whitewash before, I do not mean financial fraud, to say that this approach will not profit has been sustained, this is to do do business earnings.

has been able to increase in the case of limited revenue, net profit doubled, mainly due to the expansion of online channels and offline channel expansion. Which part of the line channel expansion, Gome is closed while the weak profitability of the stores themselves, while in the super selective presence in the line with the chain stores, in the form of these supermarkets, chain stores and home appliance products supply, open their supply chains to these partners.

change the argument, Gome chose to do channel intermediaries, a declining industry. We all know the value of channel intermediaries, with the information more transparent, sales channel change and other factors gradually disappear, I believe the United States also saw this trend, so he did only one purpose, that is trying to optimize the cost structure in a business model, to make profit, this is more like a kind of helpless move.

the most critical is that the contraction of online channels and home appliance retail industry is contrary to the trend. Put aside and Suning Appliance differentiation strategy of competition does not say, to know now even >