Some suggestions on the domain name security

domain name is a kind of more valuable resource than trademark, which is unique and valuable. Its invisible appearance contrasts sharply with its intrinsic value. All the sites have to start from the domain name. A good domain name is the brand of an enterprise. When the domain name is really used and play a great role, it is worth more than the traditional value. It is because the domain name is more precious than gold, coveted by many criminals, trying to through various illegal means to steal profits.

for the domain name theft, Admin5 webmaster network reported a lot of cases, such as the domain management account theft loss of the more than and 20 national geographic domain, well-known fansite Ai Ze Lars (NGACN) the domain name theft, pass famous earth village site domain name domain name stolen, stolen frequently visible. As the domain name owner how we should protect their legitimate rights and interests? Based on the previous case can be seen, the domain name theft is mainly because of the existence of loopholes lead or domain management, transfer, transfer of management is not perfect. So we have to work hard in these areas, do a good job of domain name security. Here to give you a few personal views, we hope to have some help.

choose a good domain registrar

domain name registrar of the domain name management, domain name transfer has strict rules and regulations, so the domain name will not be easily hijacked. Now the domestic domain name registrar have a relatively large Chinese million net, China new network, China channel and several well-known companies. But the user directly to their members to register the domain name prices are generally relatively high, suggest that you can directly do their agents, so they will get a good price, you can also go there to agents to register a domain name, such as the US orange Internet, network owners are all of an agent, the price is absolutely the domain name transfer and transfer of advantage, and strict management. Individuals in the domain name registration, do not take the domain name wrong, just to find a relatively cheap domain name registrar, especially where agents registered. On the surface to the domain name registration fee is cheap, but part of the domain name registrar or agent does not provide you with DNS service completely free, they often use this as a threat, that you buy virtual host in his place, to the normal use of the domain name. As for the transfer, it is more trouble. And such service providers once closed down, they also follow the bad luck, not only the domain name can not be resolved, the site can not be normal access.

registered domain name to fill in the true information

registered domain name is as far as possible to fill in the personal data information, in case of domain name disputes, can provide valid evidence to facilitate the domain name registrar to solve the problem as soon as possible. Many of my friends do not pay attention to this problem, fill in the information domain just write the name and contact information, but the domain name transfer or transfer or disputes but due to personal information is not complete and enemy.

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