Alibaba released a new version of social software said WeChat is rich two generations

Alibaba and Tencent WeChat (left) (right) (with TechWeb


[TechWeb] September 23rd news, Alibaba group today launched a new generation of 4 versions of instant messaging software". This is the first time after the establishment of Alibaba network communications division of product upgrades debut.

September 10th, Alibaba restructuring of the organization, announced the establishment of the network communications division, from the Wang letter and from the composition of the group CEO Lu Zhaoxi personally responsible.

it is understood that the exchange is Ali launched in April 2012, instant messaging software, Ali is also the first independent electricity supplier business networking products, its core function is to achieve social acquaintances, establish communication, exchange and sharing platform between a social acquaintance.

according to "play" product leader Zou Mengrui introduction, in addition to voice, text and other basic communication functions, compared with other communication software, there are different.

the support, burn after reading, after reading the user, the function can be some private words immediately erased;

second, with read, unread state important news. The user can know whether the message is read by the other party in the first time.

three, graffiti function. Users can Doodle and publish to other users.

in addition, and also support the establishment of 240 sets of free texture expression; support free Internet phone, this feature will be launched in Japan; support 500 people chat group; support sound picture. Its eight, get together, private interest groups to share.

Zou Mengrui said, the reason to do, not to follow suit, not because there are WeChat and easy to believe, but because of the existence of a large number of Internet communication needs." On WeChat, Zou Mengrui said, WeChat has done well, partly because the product to meet the demand, on the other hand it is because the Tencent made into a large number of users, so WeChat is actually a "two rich generation".

it is reported that there are currently about one million users, Ali will also increase investment in resources. Ali also announced that it will be 23 to 25 days, will invest $ten million for promotion. For the use of active users will reward Ali cloud phone, Ali cloud box, as well as lottery. (eight)

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