Observation and personal views on price increase of Taobao mall

background information:

October 10, 2011, Taobao mall issued new regulations: the renewal of the mall merchants 2012 sellers need to pay at least 100 thousand of the mall margin (TM trademark need to pay 150 thousand yuan), and several million yuan service fee (according to different industries are divided into 30 thousand yuan and 60 thousand yuan two files), 2012 renewal fee must be paid before this December 20, 2011. (new regulations address: http://s.zhaoshang.tmall.com)


rules after the announcement, immediately caused a great disturbance, a lot of Taobao mall in the shop owner hanging out bidding such as "I don’t do Taobao war City, I go home pig farming", "cheating the ant cloud, fuck become the elephant has forgotten us these very you beat the ants" and other signs, and announced the price will exit the mall after clearance.

on the morning of October 11th, there are more than a thousand small sellers gathered in front of the building in Hangzhou Ali protest, and later may be due to the smaller, did not cause greater waves.

as the news spread, the follow-up situation continues to expand, many QQ group, Wangwang group appeared in the series activity of netizens spontaneously initiated, and meet in the YY group in taking countermeasures.

to 11 in the evening, small sellers to make decisions in the composition of the users in YY group: the use of Taobao mall trading rules, to shoot several big sellers, let Taobao stakeholders feel small sellers anger and determination.

mall that night, the more famous big seller O-SA, seven princess, Han are homes and other small and medium sellers were besieged, many goods were photographed to the next shelf.

small sellers alliance later and then moved to train, in a short time by clicking on the consumption of a big seller of hundreds of thousands of dollars through train advertising costs.

on the morning of 12, alliance of small and medium-sized sellers on the micro-blog speech arrogant starry huimaqiang killed a starry loss still can make nothing of it. Taobao mall emergency shield the rules loophole payment".

12 pm, small sellers alliance siege Taobao Juhuasuan platform, resulting in the collapse of Juhuasuan.

until 12 in the evening, alliance of small and medium-sized sellers are still taking action, and the YY group in the emergence of a large number of onlookers and people to reporters, a number of network TV media on the incident was reported, but public opinion seems to be more in favor of Taobao mall. A commentary on the Sohu news is a relatively neutral stance.

background for this event.

personal view:

1, Taobao mall itself in the design rules, too much emphasis is placed on the protection of the interests of buyers, resulting in the small sellers alliance attack entrance, such as "seven days no reason to return", "cash on delivery", "visa 72 hours delivery" and so on rules, not in a single aspect of partial buy >

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