An example of four third party payment ticket

last week, the central bank issued a formal "chinapnr", "rich" and "easy", "accompanied by payment of the four" third party payment agencies punishment, "requirements in the areas outside the cities listed to stop the development of new businesses, and all the stock of merchants and receiving terminal according to the provisions of the comprehensive clean-up".

the punishment has been a long time. In March this year, the central bank issued the "people’s Bank of Chinese on the bank card pre authorization risk event notification", from April 1st onwards, including "chinapnr, YeePay, accompanied by payment", "rich" and "Sheng" and "card" and "Hartcourt facility", "Jie 8 Fu Rui Tong", the third party payment institutions nationwide to suspend access to new businesses. Four third party payment agencies did not obviously be punished by the book.

started the industry to rectify a shot

for the third party payment institutions named after still holding fluky mentality development access to new businesses, including a large part of the reason is named the companies think this is a phenomenon of the industry, the size of Payment institutions are involved; and by the central bank suspended two-dimensional code, still in the central bank under the eyes of development, so named the event not take it seriously.

this time, the central bank issued a ticket is targeted against the third party payment agencies punished, it is clear that the determination of the industry consolidation.

is the payment institutions will be hit in the punishment of the acquiring business, "chinapnr" within a year from 15 provinces of the existing acquiring business, "rich" and "easy" out of the 7 provinces of the acquiring business, "accompanied by payment" are forced to withdraw from 5 provinces and 2 cities acquiring business.

code, cutting machine, chaos

line under the single fee is generally divided into the issuing bank, the acquirer, UnionPay =7:2:1. The fee rates are ranging from 0.3%-2%, the fee difference in different industries that acquirers saw the benefits of space, set code, cutting machine will produce chaos.  

"code" refers to the "MCC code", also known as merchant category code. Third party payment agencies in order to compete for user resources, often to the user installed low-cost POS machine. Such as catering, hotels, entertainment, jewelry, arts and crafts fee of 1.25%; wholesale businesses, department stores, and other scenic spots, the intermediary fee is 0.78%; transportation ticketing, payment, government, water and electricity, public convenience fee of 0.38%. Acquirers through forged virtual businesses, frequent replacement of the business information, or forged merchant network code information to achieve the objective. For example, for example, the third party payment agencies to sell gold shop installed on the department store POS machine, in order to reduce the need to pay fees. At present, the single line business competition, set code is the only way which must be passed enterprises bigger and stronger industry adduction single "".

note that the acquirer may be either a third party or a bank

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