The Ten Network selection of e commerce ecosystem enterprises become a major bright spot

, as a leader in the development of electronic commerce network global " Conference; Ten Network " positive selection, all over the country attracted numerous outstanding entrepreneurs and business hot application. In this selection, the ecosystem awards in this year’s network is more open than the previous selection pattern, the network is not limited to individuals or enterprises, institutions and organizations to network as the representative of the new network, " " attention as e-commerce ecosystem service providers in the industry caused by.

business, as a joint organization network, the network has experienced the whole process of survival and development, the rise of the ecological system, between the internal network of interdependent growth trend is more prominent, is an important part of e-commerce ecosystem.

An important role of

business development is to bring more experience sharing partners. " with the Southern China chamber of Commerce, the seller’s members of the exchange, in recent years, my Taobao shop is growing at a rate of 30% per month, each time the exchange has a new harvest. " Guangzhou shangmeng leader Ma said before. More and more network shangmeng through internal communication sharing, on the electronic commerce fast track, multi channel business development, a strong impetus to the development of electronic commerce enterprise local area.

With the development of

business organization, in addition to share the experience, more shangmeng began to promote a variety of value-added services. As a representative of the National Alliance, Southern China network in 2008 released the first "network behavior", to guide and standardize the behavior of online network, caused wide recognition in the industry. Southern China chamber of Commerce was founded in 2007, currently has more than twenty thousand members, including the enterprise network, Taobao network and dozens of colleges and universities and institutions, the incumbent chairman Wu Jinrong said: " network operators will be from an exchange service rose to network provider of cloud services network service network, using their own unique network marketing business success effect of skill training and the majority of network operators, so as to enhance the overall Southern China network survival ability and competition ability. " the rich resources shangmeng internal integration, through e-commerce talent network enterprises and cultivate college docking channels, is just an important manifestation of the network cloud services.

with the expansion of the network groups, e-commerce service providers to business as the representative will play an increasingly important role in promoting the application of e-commerce in small and medium enterprises, personnel training and other aspects of industrial upgrading. The top ten network " " it is the best annotation for the future selection of e-commerce ecosystem development trend.

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