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on the NASDAQ extension caused the industry to reflect "burn" development modelWo Wo Group

model transformation mall, to provide online brand stores for businesses. Jiang Diwen photo

this two days, group purchase website "Wo Wo Group" listed on the United States delayed news caused concern to the industry. The original plan in Beijing in New York in April 2nd the NASDAQ trading Wo Wo Group, announced the listing until April 7th after.

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on IPO (IPO), Wo Wo Group will become the first U.S. listed China group purchase website. But this industry does not seem to show enough interest, even some people think that the listing will face break.

"thousand group war" verification "burn" end

5 years, Wo Wo Group has repeatedly broke the news listing.

2011, Wo Wo Group claims to be listed, it is the most rapidly development China group purchase website, "thousand group war" attracted capital market frenzy. Group purchase site was that, as long as the "burning", will be able to occupy the market share, then the business model of backfill burn holes.

5 years later, buy the market to cool significantly, after the survival of the fittest, thousands of regiment army, only the remaining 1/10. Even Wo Wo Group that started earlier, good website, business situation is very general. According to Wo Wo Group prospectus, the 9 month before last year, net revenues of $20 million 642 thousand, the same period in 2013 of $27 million 633 thousand; a net loss of $32 million 447 thousand for the same period in 2013 for $21 million 121 thousand. That is to say, Wo Wo Group’s net revenue decline, net loss increased.

Internet analyst Tang Xiong pointed out that the capital market cold on the listing of Wo Wo Group, the Internet industry is to "burn" the development pattern of reflection, because whenever the market needs is a sustainable business model.

to buy to be able to succeed

knows that the capital market is not optimistic about the Wo Wo Group group purchase market, why do you insist on listing? Wo Wo Group chairman and CEO Xu Maodong said, listing is not only started the brand, but also to promote Wo Wo Group "group purchase" transformation.

it is understood that Wo Wo Group from 2012 onwards, the first in the industry transformation mall model, providing online brand stores for businesses. Last July, Wo Wo Group also launched "shop", designed to help businesses achieve online sales, booking, promotions, membership management and other diversified needs. Data show that Wo Wo Group is also gradually get rid of simply relying on the "group purchase" into the profit model. Currently, its operating income is mainly two, one is the cost of business in the shop on the mall, and the other is the use of e-commerce platform for merchants to collect commissions. Buy only about 10% of revenue.

but don tumultuous believe that Wo Wo Group’s transformation is far from access to capital market recognition stage. He said that 5 years ago was considered ideal

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