The advantages and disadvantages of common website promotion methods

promotion website is a knowledge, business website to achieve profit goal is the need for good ideas and skills. With the emergence of the advertising alliance, the difficulty of personal Adsense profit is relatively low, so that the site as long as there is a flow of money can be said". Too many webmasters are the main idea on the site promotion, promotion is a variety of tricks. According to the "Qiandongnan hotline" this site management experience, the promotion of common are the following, analyze them and the us.

, search engine optimization. Most don’t have much personal webmaster stable users, mainly rely on Baidu and GG introduce into search traffic, especially Baidu. SEO optimization, so that the site has more keywords can bring traffic, convenient for users to understand the information, experience the service, the effect is obvious and the realization of a short time, and some users will even become long-term loyal users. But through the search optimization online dependence is more serious, when the keyword can row, site traffic is very high, the opposite has said a serious point is the site of the destiny firmly in the hands of search engine, individual stations have to flatter it, optimize to please it. This is a lot of webmaster but do not have to do.

two, using QQ. Now almost all of the users have QQ number, and the Internet is the most popular QQ chat, so use it to achieve the purpose of promoting the site, but also a good way. QQ group is commonly used mass information, modify QQ information, QQ mail, etc.. Advantage is convenient, wide coverage, large amount of information flow, easy to achieve the purpose of promotion. Now users are contradictory, need information and hate ads, they’d rather find advertising than others, even if you are interested in the promotion of information forced himself into the understanding, and QQ group administrator often will kick you out. The mail group also could not escape the paste ads on the label, you will vanish like soap bubbles to.

three, soft Wen promotion. This promotion is to be recognized by many webmaster, it is very strong in the intensity of advertising weakened and increased knowledge, readability. The network is not too * * * friends can’t see advertising, insiders can understand but will also accept and agree with, the effect is quite good, the flow has a high success rate and long time, high efficiency, a high quality of the article may bring tens of thousands of traffic, but also can increase the chain site that is one of the most widely used at present. The problem is the writing level is relatively high, relatively strong skills, material and view is difficult to grasp, so that many articles are difficult to achieve good propaganda effect, but also often have to write, often have to blend various Forum blog, will spend a lot of time and energy.

four, blog promotion. Blog is the rise in recent years, a large number of users, is a personal online home. Rapid dissemination of information, freedom of speech, entertainment and strong knowledge (not like the same as the site to pay the domain name space), simple operation (do not know how to make web pages, not)

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