Teacher’s day to the brand once again launched a Thanksgiving Carnival so touched your teacher know

is this kind of love to accompany our youth; it is the love that teaches us to be human; it is this love that makes us what we are. To express the feeling, the love will be passed to the people who need to know is also a letter — this is home to " and pleasant, credit China " choose to launch their first holiday brand Promo holdings in the teacher’s day as the financial technology company.

" teacher’s day comes, I have you love the way I love you, " under this theme, on the ten anniversary of the establishment of appropriate letter on the occasion, the letter advised the company hopes to pass by this video is not only a kind of gratitude, but a kind of gratitude. This kind of gratitude in the form of informal, not limited to the audience, he is more of a passing feeling, a kind of spirit, even if I did not become when you grow up, but I will have you Jinai the way I love you, love work, love life.


chose to launch the letter should first festival of brand marketing in the teachers’ day, which originated from the desirability of top-down for Thanksgiving, for " pleasant should have " follow the core values of the enterprise, but also reflects the letter should be from " to 2", from ";; the friends willing to lend money, from " " freedom of wealth, dream more free " a " inherited a series of brand publicity; dare " spirit.

according to the full statistics, within one year of the national holidays are allowed to have 7. According to incomplete statistics, western holidays, special anniversary, and " created by marketing concept; ", the festival; one year we seem to need more than 1/3 days to commemorate what " ".

In this

from the Spring Festival and Christmas, from Tomb-sweeping Day to zhongyuanjie, from graduation season to singles can be used to hype a, a marketing era, as a financial technology company, has always been in a rigorous and professional attitude shows, has always been to change innovation, as the goal of the letter should be brave once more the choice of " mass marketing way; the most unusual ".

letter in all festivals chose one of the most low-key holiday — teachers’ day as their first holiday brand marketing creative source, and from this source burst out two sparks: a video recording time of youth, friendship, six photographs taken by the appropriate letter of employee participation the display of youth and growth of posters. And to stimulate the energy behind the two sparks is precisely the letter as a financial technology companies have been adhering to the sincere and innovative.

dates back to the letter of the teacher’s day brand marketing activities of the creative source, the letter should be the chief brand officer Ms. Lv Haiyan tells a true and touching story. The video content is not fiction, it comes to the desirability of the company founder, CEO Downing.

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