Today’s headlines hundreds of millions of advertising to go to 4A again on the surface

North Canton and other small partners in 14 cities woke up and found himself surrounded by today’s body.


looked out, saw the door of the bus station to write "can’t sleep today, look at today’s headlines; on a crowded subway, eyeful is" today sit X line, look at today’s headlines today on the car a lot of people, look at today’s headlines; the company downstairs waiting for the elevator, the advertisement still nagging the strange gas said "today launched new projects, see today’s headlines," today XXX, look at today’s headlines; "look, everyone of these city are at a certain point is today’s headlines vernacular to hit, do not believe you, sir.



with last year, but eleven drops of double fitting China Jingdong Suning, the tear forced UNIQLO’s marketing activities spread, each big brand advertising Master quickly follow suit, and a piece of competing comments form a huge contrast, these days the advertisement circle is surprisingly quiet, quiet even paralysis began to frown Fahai, "Ye is it?". When tempted to Baidu, this was found in meaning to save Yan, saying the 150 poster, 10 kichiku video, 1 hundred million launch, strategy and implementation of the project has no advertising agency and what it has always been good, let glib black and from black advertising people are at a loss.

later, finally have the advertising circle of big coffee began, "I have a vague thing, in my heart palpitations, a slight panic, slowly radiating." This coffee is the person in charge of the marketing department of Ogilvy interactive content, advertising turn red Zhao Yuanyuan.

"today" moves 4A’s cheese

coffee said: scared not 150 magic posters, not market segments based on the delivery, not to participate in outdoor sentences, not fashionable, but kichiku "a skilled movements", this has been "not skilled on the individual rolling, but to challenge industry rules", the advertising industry the agency may over the future of the company, advertising and so on the dim gloom.

a lot of panic quickly attracted fans with rapid increase in the forwarding volume at the same time, similar to very thin Si fear, sad, look silly, capital of the service has become the main tone of message interaction.

4A 4A, especially the traditional international reputation, in recent years the head halo in slowly fading, known or winning the case less slowly, and the man run slowly, and perform hollow phenomenon more serious, 4A as a whole in the customer’s reputation is weakening, business it is affected by the natural be nothing difficult which is outside has been singing, cause bad 4A, various ads have a large coffee are well aware of this, but those changes are basically belong to warm boiled frog, after all, thin dead camel is bigger than a horse, a lot of large project execution, in order to Qiuwen customer first thought was to find a 4A release, plus >

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