Micro media salon twelfth speech finishing on the fans

West news: July 19, 2014 micro media salon twelfth ended, Sharon held in Shenzhen innovation Valley cafe, enrollment of more than 200 people, the number of participants is more than one person, the salon scene sunny, participants a happy smile on his face: really dry cargo


speaker Muxixi strange, with its unique perspective, uncanny skill, tall on the ideas and Strategies of metaphor, for example, down to earth, to share, get the scene bursts of hot applause. Two hours of share, west respectively with the Marx doctrine, Mao Zedong thought, Deng Xiaoping theory, and the profound Buddhist and Taoist philosophy, with humorous speech, chastity, promotion ideas and methods about WeChat show the most incisive, finished not to share PPT, let the guest is inadmissible!


many friends because there is no reason that came to the salon, WeChat have in the west to the west to apologize, regret, to make up for off the enthusiasm of the audience lost the mood, the West here once again to share a small content in the salon, I hope that friends in the

reflected glimpse of leopardThe following

for dry cargo time:

fans, what is? We are from a public account, how can see the fans are senior consumer groups? Or lower boring grass root groups? Not


what we can conclude about [the most beautiful cars] account fans is the grass root community? Ma Yun do not need to see the beauty? By what we can conclude that the attention [entrepreneur account fans is rich handsome fans? Don’t need to look at the entrepreneur Ma Yun


our public account as long as the fans do not zombie powder, this fan is a living person. And a person’s interests and hobbies, we can not grasp, he (she) has a variety of interests and variability.

an account of the fans can only be reflected in the account, and can not represent all the fans.

an account has its own limitations, even the thought of such a logical account of the account from the account, there will be some aesthetic fatigue…… Every day, our fans will be canceled.

what is what is called pan powder powder? Let us deep thinking on this issue, I can say is [logic thinking] loyal fans, but I really have no people like Luo Pangzi Sike spirit, at seven o’clock every morning to go to Luo fat sixty seconds of speech, then reply keywords, see an article. At first, I did listen to it every day, but I didn’t see it now…… I think it is a powder or a pan


powder and powder on the pan, the boundaries between them is too vague, and even can be said to have no boundaries. So what we can do is to open our net, to the net

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